10 Great Gifts for Someone Going Abroad


When someone is going away, we like giving them gifts to remind them that you will be thinking of them. Here are some useful gifts you can give to a person going abroad.

Neck Pillow

If someone is going abroad, they probably will be traveling by plane. Plane rides can get uncomfortable. Sleeping while sitting can be a real pain in the neck, so a neck pillow is a great asset to have.

Eye Mask

Many people have difficulty sleeping in a new environment. Eye masks come in handy if they are trying to sleep in the plane or during their layover or in the day, light blocking makes sleeping easier. The person you are gifting it to will be grateful.

Scratch-Off Map of the World

If the person you are looking for a gift for is a frequent traveler and loves visiting different countries, then this is a great gift for them. They can scratch off the places they have visited, and it will also give them a great visual to plan their next trip.

Personalized Passport Cover

Passport covers are like must-haves for frequent flyers. Add a personal touch to it. There are many services that personalize passport covers. Along with the name of the person, you can even add a bunch of charms to the cover to represent what is important to that person.

Portable Speaker

Portable speakers can come in handy for people going on a long trip and with a love for music. If you are traveling in a group, then you know how important music can be.

Portable Charger/ Power Bank

One of the necessities of traveling is a portable charger. You cannot hope to find a plug-point everywhere. This will help the person stay connected all the time. Useful gifts are the best!

USB Travel Adapter/ Universal Plug

Speaking of useful gifts, universal plugs are a really important thing to have if the person is traveling to a country with a different voltage requirement than yours. Many countries have different voltage outlets, to stop your gadgets from frying, you need to have a universal plug.

Travel Journal

Travel journals are an awesome way to record your trips. The person you are gifting it to can make an entry every day. It has a more personal touch than posting pictures of your trip online. It helps you record moments and then go back to them and see how you actually felt about them.


Although mobiles have great cameras nowadays, a good camera is a good accessory to have. Great pictures make for great memories to store forever!

Something Sentimental

You know the person the best. You know what they like and also what they don’t. You know about their proud moments and their embarrassing moments. If they are going away for a long time, sentimental gifts are the best thing to gift them. They will always be reminded of you when they look at it.

Gift giving is all about using what you know about the persona and what they need or want. Some of the things they might not even know that they need for the trip or you can get them something they need before they go out and get it for themselves. Put some thought into it, and you are good to go!

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