Your Guide to Seeing the Northern Lights | Places, Time & Tips

Every nature lover and avid traveler seeks the thrill of the Northern Lights tours, and that is a fact! However, for your trip to be successful, there are some must-know pieces of information, from the best Aurora places to some simple tips! So, if you are just now planning your Northern Lights hunt, check out our quick guide to steer you in the right direction.


Now, this is the most important question of them all! Some people simply go with Scandinavia, with no further research, hoping to catch the wondrous phenomenon going wherever and whenever. Unfortunately, you need to know quite precisely when and where the Lights will show up, so read on!

  • Tromso, Norway

Yes, yes, Scandinavia! However, not all of Norway is lucky enough to witness the Northern Lights, so we suggest you head straight to Tromso. Based in the Aurora Zone in the Norwegian Arctic, the city is the perfect place for you to see the lights. In addition, there are plenty of quiet and remote areas well-equipped to enjoy Auroras.

  • Reykjavik, Iceland

You might be surprised that the Northern Lights are visible in a city as big as Reykjavik, and capital, at that! Actually, once you get there, the answer is quite clear. Reykjavik is known to have the perfect conditions that are needed for the Lights, such as lack of pollution, lots of faraway corners, and little to no noise in most of them.

  • Yukon, Canada

Yukon in Canada is, for some reason, one of the most popular places to appear on these kinds of lists. Well, maybe we get it! Remote, wild, and absolutely staggering; a few nights in Yukon makes you feel like you are the only one in the world, and this is precisely why it is so perfect for the Northern Lights. Well, that and Yukon’s convenient geographical location, of course!

  • Ilulissat, Greenland

Do you see anything in common between these places? Well, other than them all being north? Well, Greenland just adds to the list of the most serene, beautiful, and clean places in the world, and the Northern Lights prefer it just like that. If you do not have low numbers on air pollution and cute little villages perfect for Aurora viewing, they might just become too stubborn to show up! In reality, though, Ilulissat is a great, quiet city, luckily based right in the heart of Greenland’s Aurora belt.

  • Finland
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There are no clear specifications as to where exactly in Finland you can see the Light, but that is quite alright once you know the conditions! We will expand more on the when part of it all, but for now, you should just know that Finland is extremely lucky when it comes to the Northern Lights. Their affair has been going on forever, never disappointing, and perfect for your next holiday!


A million-dollar question. You have half of the answer now that you know the best places to see the Auroras, but it means nothing if you do not organize your time accordingly! Let’s see, shall we?

Regarding Reykjavik, Ilulissat, and Tromso, the Northern Lights appear between the months of September and April. Obviously, this is quite a large time window, but keep those months in mind. For more precise timing, you will have to check the news on the Polar Lights, but at least you have some time frame!

Finland is solely unique in this. Obviously, there is something that the Lights really like about Finland because it is a common occurrence there. Well, more than common! The Lights are visible in numerous corners for over 200 nights of the year. Do you realize how high your chances are? Keep an eye out and buy the tickets to Finland ASAP!

Yukon, Canada, has a bit of a different time zone when it comes to the Northern Lights. You can start your hunting trip as early as late August and carry on through the whole winter!

General Tips

First of all, which is probably quite understandable, you should pack some warm clothing. There is heavy winter in whichever one of these places you plan on visiting, so do not let the frost ruin your Northern Lights watching party!

And now to our most important tip – do not be disappointed. And we are not talking about the Lights not being impressive enough, do not worry, your jaw will drop!

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However, you should be prepared for nature’s stubbornness, which can sometimes result in the Northern Lights not showing up at all. It is quite unlikely if the researchers are thorough with their observations, but some might still slip up from the sky, and you will not get to see them at all. Even if you do not, think of all the beautiful places you will visit along the way!

Now that you know where and approximately when, make sure to keep an eye on the forecast news, and you will be set to go! Also, remember to take your camera. Other than that, just enjoy and have fun!