Which CS:GO Trading Site Will Accept CS2 Skins?


One of this year’s main events in the world of eSports is the release of a new version of the legendary shooter Counter-Strike—CS2.

The average monthly audience of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is more than a million players. This makes CS:GO one of the most popular games on the Steam platform. At the same time, csgo trading is very popular, since the items bring good profits.

What Awaits Fans of the Famous Shooter?

CS2 has many new features and changes compared to CS:GO. Here are some of the most notable:

  • CS2 uses a new engine based on Source 2. It is already used in Dota 2 and Half-Life: Alyx. This provides more realistic graphics, smoother gameplay, and more advanced physics.
  • CS2 has a more extensive customization system than CS:GO. Players will be able to customize their appearance, weapons, and game cards.
  • CS2 includes new game modes. For example, Battle Royale is reminiscent of Fortnite and PUBG: users will fight each other to be the last one standing.
  • CS2 includes new maps specifically designed for the new game modes. For example, a map for the Battle Royale mode has a more open and diverse game world than maps in CS:GO.
  • The number of rounds in matched duels will be reduced from 30 to 24: 12 in each half. Thus, to win, you will need to win only 13 rounds instead of 16, as was previously the case.
  • The enhanced smoke effect will naturally fill rooms, react to light, and interact with other game systems.

Many professionals are delighted with the release of Counter-Strike 2 and believe that it will be a new stage for this franchise.


Some have expressed concerns that CS2 could divide the Counter-Strike community, but most players believe that CS:GO and CS2 can coexist.

What Awaits the Skins? Will They Disappear?

This is one of the most important questions that has worried game lovers. There was a lot of controversy and even speculation on this issue. However, the developer immediately said that the skins will not disappear anywhere, they will be transferred to the new account on their own.

Indeed, the appearance of the skins has improvedThe developers have paid special attention to popular items in the shooter and made them brighter, more colorful, and the colors deeper. Therefore, when sunlight hits the skin, it shimmers beautifully depending on the color and pattern.

Will Trading Change?

Naturally, trading is here to stay. There are skins, there is demand, there will be buyers. However, there may be some nuances here. With the release of a new version of the shooter, the game has a new audience, who are interested in seeing which skins are in the game, and how much they cost.


Therefore, some skins will lose their popularity, and other skins will take their place. And at this moment you need to be extremely careful, because potential profit depends on understanding the market and timely reactions.

The most convenient way is to look at prices, see the market supply, and the average cost of a skin on the DMarket platform, where skins for all weapon models are displayed in real time. Moreover, the platform has a clear interface, so even a beginner can figure out how to buy or sell this or that item.

On top of that, on DMarket you can not only buy a skin using various payment systems, but also sell the skin and get real money for it. Real money that can be transferred to your personal account, and not virtual money that can only be spent within the in-game ecosystem.

It is important not only to understand the skins market, but also to use a convenient and accessible site in order to get the maximum benefit, and not miss the opportunity to earn real money.