Where Can Canadians Travel Right Now?


Canadians love to travel. Whether it be crossing the border to visit New York City, Chicago, or San Francisco, or escaping the harsh snowy winters for an exotic, far-flung beach, millions of Canadians enjoy filling up their passport every year. 

While the easiest destination is, of course, the United States, Canadians have grown accustomed to making Europe, in particular the countries of the Schengen Area, their unofficial preferred vacation destination. 

Recognizing the financial and cultural opportunities between the governing bodies of Canada and the European Union, the travel ministry for the Schengen Area made the decision to implement an online visa waiver application system for travelers who hold a Canadian passport. Once it is rolled out in 2024, the Electronic Travel Information and Authorization System ETIAS authorization will allow for Canadian nationals to apply for and receive permission to visit all 27 countries of the Schengen Zone. 

For more up-to-date information regarding the launch of ETIAS check: https://www.schengenvisainfo.com/etias/.

Before the COVID-19 pandemic forced nations to close their borders, a valid passport and a plane ticket was all a Canadian needed to explore their favorite European destination. It is crucial that anyone considering traveling from Canada be up to date on the latest travel information regarding which countries both in and outside of Europe have reopened for tourists from Canada.  

As of July 1st, Canadians were placed on the ‘Safe List’ for the European Union. This meant that it was deemed okay for Canadians to visit the countries of the Schengen Area. This has unfortunately changed as Canada has been removed from the EU safe list.  

Non-European Countries Allowing Canadians to Visit

While travel between Western countries tends to receive the most press, other nations allow Canadian vacationers. Economies across the globe continue to be devastated by the coronavirus. Some of the hardest-hit sectors are the travel and tourism industries, and with no possible way to forecast when it may be safe to resume global travel, people are looking to any destination that may be deemed safe.

Many countries, especially those whose economies are closely tied to the influx of foreign capital, have begun making a plan to allow for international tourism. Deciding to accept certain people and not others is meant as a targeted policy that focuses on countries that have had relative success suppressing the spread of the COVID-19 disease. 

As Canada was initially one of those countries, various nations have reopened for Canadian tourists. Canadian travelers are perceived as a relatively safe option and are known for frequent travel.  

Where can Canadians travel in the Americas?

The vast majority of countries in Latin America are currently accepting Canadian nationals. As of the writing of this article, the only country in Central America that was not allowing Canadian tourists was San Salvador. 

However, each country has a policy regarding the stipulations for entry for foreigners. For example, some countries require passengers to have completed a PCR within 48 or 72 hours and some governments are offering PCRs on arrival with the understanding that each person must quarantine themselves before they get their results. 

In South America, Brazil, Colombia, and Ecuador are currently allowing Canadian tourists to enter their territory. 

Can Canadians visit any Asian countries?

The countries of Asia attract millions of Canadian visitors annually. China leads the way but is by no means the only Asian nation where Canadians go off in search of adventure

Some countries in Asia have had a lot of success preventing the spread of the virus. Some have implemented a detailed plan to reduce exposure and keep their populations safe. 

Even taking that in mind, most governments appear, at least for the time being, to be taking a cautious approach to the virus. Many countries in Asia are not currently allowing Canadian tourists across their borders. It looks as if Canadians will have to hold off on their plans to visit their ideal Asian destination. 

What Canadians Have to Do Before Traveling During the COVID-19 Pandemic

For months and months during the pandemic, many people have had to put their vacation plans on hold. Canadians that are able to travel should keep in mind that some countries have mandatory quarantines in place. Upon return to Canada, they also must quarantine for two weeks. 

This is may not be a deterrent to some, but to others, it could make the difference between deciding to travel or not. The most important thing is to be up to date on the latest health regulations both inside and outside of Canada. Governments around the world are making it possible for travelers to safely visit their countries by following the detailed guidelines that they set in place. 

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