What To Know Before Travelling To Watch The March Madness Final Four In Arizona


Every basketball fan wants to be in Arizona this year, as the eagerly awaited March Madness tournament will conclude there. If you like watching the best college teams, what must you know before traveling there?

What Is March Madness?

This is the annual NCAA Division I men’s tournament where the 68 best teams in college basketball gather. There’s also a women’s version, and the final in that case, is being held in Cleveland, Ohio this year. It’s a single elimination tournament, with all the excitement that brings as there’s no way back from a loss.

Those 68 teams are divided across four regions, and every team gets a seeding from one to 16. With all that sorted out, we’re ready to enjoy seven rounds leading up to nerve-racking phases like the Sweet 16 and the Elite Eight. The Final Four games take place in Glendale, Arizona, on April 6, with the NCAA championship game on April 8.

One of the reasons so many fans like this tournament is that they can try to predict what happens. This March Madness betting site lets us see some of the most popular strategies used to fill out brackets. One of the most common is to look at the seedings and try to work out upsets, but you can choose whatever works best for you. It’s a good idea to do some research on how the teams and their top players are performing.

Full Details of the Venue

State Farm Stadium will host the crucial final games that bring March Madness to a thrilling finish. This venue is home to the NFL team, the Arizona Cardinals, but has also been used for events like the annual Fiesta Bowl and three different Super Bowls, including the 2023 game. Basketball fans may remember the NCAA Final Four being held here in 2017.


It has a retractable roof and seating capacity for 63,400 spectators that can be expanded to 72,200 or 78,600 with standing included. In recent news, it’s been announced that the Cardinals are adding luxury seats to the stadium for next season. If you’re in the Arizona area for the tournament, check out the huge 3D screen with the brackets showing all the teams that have been hung outside the Phoenix Convention Center.

What Teams Could You Be Watching?

The demand for these games means that tickets are like gold dust. You should include Final Four tickets in your travel package, with extras such as a photo opportunity with the trophy included in some packages. But if you want to make sure you get a ticket, you probably need to purchase it in advance before we know which teams will be there.

Looking at the favorites to win March Madness will help us get a feel for which teams will likely be here. The UConn Huskies, representing the University of Connecticut, are widely classed as the favorites. As the 2023 winners, there’s a good chance they will add to the five championships already claimed during their history.

Many people expect the Houston Cougars, the Purdue Boilermakers, and the North Carolina Tar Heels to enjoy successful runs in the competition. Local favorites, the Arizona Wildcats, may also reach the Final Four. They failed to progress last year despite being a number two seed and will hope to do better this year with the same seeding.

If you like seeing an underdog outperform expectations, look at the teams with a seeding of 10 or above. The likes of North Carolina, Iowa State, and Long Beach State would all cause a sensation if they managed to get to the final stages of March Madness.

What Else is There to Do?

If you plan to visit Glendale to see the concluding games in the NCAA Tournament, flying to Arizona is a convenient way to get here. You’ll find a range of attractions in Glendale like the Adobe Mountain Desert Park and the Elsie McCarthy Sensory Garden.

Glendale is only a short distance from Phoenix, the state capital renowned for its many performing arts venues and museums. Golf is also massively popular in and around Phoenix, and with the wonderfully warm climate, you can do things if you decide to make this your base. Look out for special themed events too, with the likes of the Men’s Final Four Fan Fest by Capital One and the NCAA March Madness Music Festival among those you might like to attend.

A trip to Arizona during the latter stages of the NCAA Tournament will give you a special way of watching some of the most exciting basketball games of the year in style.