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The Mardi Gras Carnival in Venice is world famous. The Venetian masks and elaborate outfits, the often depiction in movies and books, the rich history of the yearly event, they all recommend it as a must-see attraction in any traveler’s life. But this Italian destination has a lot more to show than the Carnival. Festival goers will be delighted with happenings of all sorts, some of which are an absolute must. Before you decide when to book your holiday and start browsing through the many Venice hotels, check out the list of events below. Some of them might change your mind!


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Venice and the Sea, a Love Story

There are several events that celebrate the city’s connection to the sea and its inhabitants love for everything boating. Three major such festivals happen each year, the first one in May — Festa  della Sensa. The procession of boats of La Sensa used to be led by the Dodge of Venice, but his role has been taken by the mayor in recent history. The marriage between Venice and the sea was celebrated by throwing a ring into the waves. That traditional item has also been replaced, with the symbolic offering now being a wreath.

The Vogalonga is the ultimate rowing event in Venice. It typically takes place in May or June, on a Sunday. To show the oar can still reclaim the waters of Venice, about a thousand boats row their way over the 30-kilometer circuit every year.

The third and by far largest boating event of Venice, Regata Storica, the historic regatta, takes place in September, on the first Sunday of the month. The Grand Canal is the scene of a traditional procession of boats, yet the competitive racing event is just as popular. This event has refused to exclude the Dodge of Venice, but as the role no longer exists, tourists will have to do with costumed figures representing him, his wife, and other high officials.

Art and Culture in Venice

Art lovers have plenty of festivals to choose from in Venice. The largest event is the Biennale, which started as an art show that happened every two years. It has since grown to encompass a wide range of events. To keep with tradition, the main art exhibition happens every odd-numbered year and is replaced by an architectural show every even-numbered year. The best-known part of the Biennale is Venice’s International Film Festival. Every year, the Lido becomes home to international celebrities, and movie screenings are what holds everyone’s interest for the festival’s duration.

Music lovers should definitely attend the Venice Jazz Festival. It’s a great chance to see local and international jazz stars perform live in venues scattered throughout the city. Piazza San Marco, Palazzo Grassi, and the Teatro La Fenice are but a few of the Venice landmarks that become concert halls during this event.

Other major festivals are dedicated to remembering deliverance from disease. Historic in nature as they are religious, Festa della Salute and Festa del Redentore are great occasions to celebrate life and medical advancements, such as the extinction of the plague.

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