What size is a personal item on Frontier Airlines? |

A personal item is not a carryon bag, such as a purse or backpack. It can be any small thing you would use during flight that does not fit in one of the overhead bins like your laptop and it must be less than 6″ wide x 12″ long x 18″ tall.

Frontier Airlines is known for being strict with their personal item policy. If you are traveling on a plane, make sure to check the size of your personal item before packing it.

What size is a personal item on Frontier Airlines? |

The following size and weight limits apply to personal items: 18 in x 14 in x 8 in/46 cm x 36 cm x 20 cm. Make yourself at home beneath the seat in front of you.

Also, with Frontier Airlines, is a backpack considered a personal item?

A backpack that is 14 x 18 x 8 inches or less is considered a personal item. If it’s bigger, it’ll be regarded a carry-on unless it’s bigger than the maximum dimensions for a carry-on (24 x 16 x 10 inches), in which case it’ll be checked.

As a result, the issue is if Frontier has any restrictions on the size of personal items. Frontier Airlines permits just one personal item beneath the front seat that is no larger than 8 inches by 14 inches by 18 inches. That is tough, but not impossible. (When packed, it may reach a depth of 9 inches). My backpack and underseat both fit five days’ worth of clothing.

What is considered a personal item on Frontier Airlines in this case?

Free Personal Item – Each passenger is permitted to bring one personal item that will fit beneath the seat in front of them. It must be no more than 14 inches tall, 8 inches broad, and 18 inches long (including handles, wheels, and straps). Backpacks, purses, briefcases, and computer bags come to mind.

What is the maximum size bag I can take on Frontier Airlines?

Carry-on luggage costs on Frontier Airlines While each passenger is permitted one free personal item, Frontier levies a price for all carry-on bags. Carry-on luggage must be no larger than 10″ x 16″ x 24″ and no heavier than 35 pounds. Bags that are larger than this must be checked at the entrance for a fee of $60.

Answers to Related Questions

Is the size of your luggage checked by Frontier?

Information about Checked Bags in General

Bags must be within 62 linear inches (length + breadth + depth) and weigh no more than 50 pounds to be checked. Bags weighing more than 100 lbs* and/or measuring more than 110 linear inches will not be accepted. The luggage allowance on FRONTIER Miles Award Redemption Tickets is the same.

Is it possible for a duffel bag to be considered a personal item?

TL;DR. If you travel with a small duffel that fits within the airline’s personal item specifications, you may bring it aboard as a carry-on. If you’re going on a Basic Economy ticket, use your duffel as an overflow bag from your carry-on or as your only bag.

Is it possible to bring food on Frontier Airlines?

In-flight entertainment is not available. Frontier also does not provide WiFi for purchase. Drinks and snacks (other than water) are not included in the price. Bring your own snacks and beverages.

What is the difference between a personal item and a carry-on?

Carry-ons are the smaller baggage that can fit in the airplane’s overhead bins. This is on top of whatever baggage you may have checked at the airport. Purses, backpacks, ipads, and other personal things that may be carried on your lap or stowed beneath the seat in front of you are considered personal items.

Is it necessary to pay for carry-on luggage?

On a Basic Economy ticket, you are only allowed to carry one personal item on board. There are a few exceptions, which we’ll go through later. If you arrive at the gate with a full-size carry-on bag, you will be required to check it. You’ll also have to pay a $25 gate handling fee and the relevant checked luggage price.

What is the maximum size of a personal item?

9 inches x 10 inches x 17 inches are the maximum measurements for your personal item, such as a shoulder bag, backpack, laptop bag, or other compact item (22 cm x 25 cm x 43 cm).

Is it possible to carry a cushion with you on Frontier Airlines?

In-flight Service with Frontier Airlines

Frontier Airlines boasts a contemporary Airbus aircraft with thin, pre-reclined seats. Because the seats aren’t very cushioned, you may wish to bring a travel pillow.

What kind of bags are available for free on Frontier?

Frontier Airlines (F9) offers one free personal item per passenger (purse, briefcase, laptop bag). Fee-free carry-on luggage is not included. Carry-on luggage costs may be paid at the time of booking.

Is it true that carry-on luggage is weighed by Frontier?

Frontier Airlines requires that all checked luggage weigh no more than 50 pounds and measure no more than 62 linear inches. Frontier Airlines does not have a weight restriction for personal belongings, although normal carry-ons cannot exceed 35 pounds.

On a Frontier flight, what can you bring?

Other Things You Can Bring

Travelers on the frontier are allowed to bring one personal item, such as a purse, handbag, or briefcase, as long as it is not larger than 18 by 14 by 8 inches. Coats, diaper bags, and assistance equipment, among other things, are permitted.

How much does it cost to check a bag on Frontier?

Frontier Airlines allows passengers to check baggage for a charge as long as the items are the right size and weight. For your first checked luggage, anticipate to pay $33 to $60, $45 to $55 for a second bag, and $85 to $95 for three or more bags. The cost of your checked luggage varies depending on when you pay for it.

What are the dimensions of Frontier Airlines’ seats?

Frontier is not only installing 18-inch seats, but it is also adding an inch to the center seat. It’ll be a full 2 inches wider than what you’ll see on Southwest or most other carriers.

What additional charges does Frontier Airlines levy?

Frontier’s Seating and Meal Prices

If you wish to pick a seat in advance, Frontier Airlines fees might add to the cost of your flight. At the time of booking, you’ll pay $6 for a “Standard” seat, while an extra-legroom “Stretch” seat would set you back $20.

Is a backpack considered a carry-on or a personal item?

It may be considered a personal object if it is no more than 17 inches long, 13 inches wide, and 8 inches tall.” Finally, “[a bag] will count against your allowance and be deemed your personal item if you store it beneath the seat — or your carry-on if you place it in the overhead bin,” according to American Airlines.

What is the best way to calculate linear inches?

Linear inches – or any linear measurement – simply relate to the whole length, breadth, and depth of your luggage. So, if your bag is 28 inches tall, 13 inches broad, and 10 inches deep, its linear measurement is 28 + 13 + 10 = 51 linear inches.

What is the length of 62 linear inches?

The 62 Linear Inches Regulation: This rule applies to checked bags that will be loaded into the cargo area of the aircraft. It specifies that the baggage must be a maximum of 62 linear inches in length and 50 pounds in weight.

What am I allowed to bring in as a personal item?


  • Laptop.
  • Charger for laptops.
  • Extra set of clothing (if you checked a luggage, carry extra clothes in case it doesn’t arrive at your destination)
  • liquids in a quart bag (for same reason as above)
  • Pens.
  • Notepads or notebooks for taking notes.
  • Smartphone & charger.
  • Any work-related documentation are required.