What color blue is the Finnish flag? |

The Finnish flag is a blue-green tricolor with three equal horizontal bands of white (top), red, and blue. The official explanation for the colors is as follows: White symbolizes peace, truth and innocence; Red stands for courage, passion and love; Blue represents sadness in people’s hearts.

The “greek flag blue color code” is the official flag of Greece. The flag consists of a white cross on a blue field, with each arm ending in an olive branch.

What color blue is the Finnish flag? |

Finland’s national flag consists of two colors: white and blue. The color is described as “sea blue,” a shade of blue that is in between dark and medium. The Pantone® value for blue is 294 and the equivalent hexadecimal code is 002F6C, according to the precise color requirements.

In light of this, what color is the flag of Finland?

The Finnish flag was proclaimed official on May 29, 1918, less than six months after Finland gained independence, with “the blue of our lakes and the white snow of our winters,” as a poet defined these significant colors in 1870. The flag has a white background with a blue cross.

What country’s flag is white with a blue cross, for example? Finland

Also, what does the Finnish flag represent?

Finland’s flag, commonly known as Siniristilippu (“Blue Cross Flag”), comes from the early twentieth century. It has a white backdrop with a blue Nordic cross. The blue is claimed to symbolize the country’s hundreds of lakes and the sky, while the white is thought to represent the snow that blankets the countryside in the winter.

What are the colors of Finland?

Finland’s flag (Finnish: Suomen lippu, Swedish: Finlands flagga), commonly known as siniristilippu (“Blue Cross Flag”), has been in use since the early twentieth century. It has a blue Nordic cross on a white backdrop, which denotes Christianity.

Answers to Related Questions

What is the blue, black, and white flag?

Estonia’s national flag (Estonian: Eestilipp) is a tricolor with three equal horizontal bars of blue (top), black (middle), and white (bottom).

The Scottish flag is blue for a reason.

The Scottish flag is a white X-shaped cross against a blue sky, representing the cross of Scotland’s patron saint, Saint Andrew. The Saltire, or Saint Andrew’s Cross, is the flag.

What is the meaning of the Chinese flag?

On October 1, 1949, China’s flag was formally adopted. The Chinese flag’s red represents the communist revolution and is also the people’s traditional hue. The enormous gold star symbolizes communism, while the four lesser stars reflect the people’s socioeconomic strata.

What is the meaning of the Israeli flag?

Symbolism. Because Israel is a Jewish-majority country, symbols of Judaism are shown on the flag. The tallit, a fringed garment composed of white material with black or blue stripes that is historically worn by devout Jews, is the inspiration for the flag’s fundamental design.

What do the flag’s stripes represent?

The stripes symbolize the 13 original colonies, while the stars represent the Union’s 50 states. The flag’s colors are also significant; red denotes toughness and courage, white denotes purity and innocence, and blue denotes vigilance, endurance, and justice.

What is the meaning of the Hungarian flag?

Red was associated with power, white with devotion, and green with optimism, according to romantic folklore. Alternatively, crimson for the fatherland’s blood, white for freedom, and green for the country, for Hungary’s meadows.

What is the blue, yellow, and red flag?

The Romanian national flag (Romanian: drapelulRomâniei) is a tricolor with vertical stripes starting at the flagpole and consisting of blue, yellow, and red. It features a 2:3 width-to-length ratio.

What is the significance of the blue and yellow colors in the Swedish flag?

The colors blue and yellow are taken from the country’s coat of arms. The blue on Sweden’s flag’s background is supposed to represent justice, loyalty, and truth. Generosity is symbolized by the yellow on the cross.

What green flag has a yellow cross on it?

Jamaican flag

Adopted 6th of August, 1962
Design The field is divided into four triangles of green (top and bottom) and black by a gold diagonal cross (hoist side and fly side)
Variant Jamaican flag
Use Ensign in the Navy
Design The national flag is in the canton of a white ensign.

What blue flag has a red cross on it?

Iceland’s flag

Use Flag and ensign of the United States of America
Proportion 18:25
Adopted 1944
Design A blue field with a white-edged red Nordic cross extending to the edges; the cross’s vertical half is transposed to the hoist side. “Azure, a cross gules fimbriatedargent,” according to Blazon.
Created by órarson, Matthas

What shade of blue is Swedish blue?

Hex ColorCode: 1829 Swedish Blue / #aec1c5. The hexadecimal color code #aec1c5 represents a medium cyan lightshade. #aec1c5 is made up of 68.24 percent red, 75.69 percent green, and 77.25 percent blue in the RGB color model.

Which country’s flag is the oldest?