What Are Some Eco-Friendly Ways to Travel in 2020

Did you know that “11 percent of the world’s population is currently vulnerable to climate change in 2020?” This is what a trusted source known as Conservation International has to report. They also found evidence leading to the fact that droughts, floods, heatwaves, extreme weather events, and sea-level rise are about to become more prevalent in 2020 and beyond.

Hence, it is essential to take positive action to make sure the earth that we live in does not get affected by climate change. How do you begin? Well, the best way to begin is to reduce the emission of greenhouse gases that are harmful to the ozone layer. Industries and vehicles are the two biggest sources of greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide, nitrous oxide, and methane.

Here Are the Best Eco-Friendly Ways to Travel in 2020

1) Walking

Walking is the most obvious way to save the planet Earth. Even if 20 percent commuters decide to walk to work every day, it would benefit the planet immensely. Although it is an obvious choice, walking is not easy. In an age where “time equals money”, very few people are willing to make a personal sacrifice for the good of the planet.

2) Biking

Biking to work may be faster than walking, but not as fast as a car. It is very common to see kids and teenagers taking their bikes to college or other local locations. But there are only a few countries where adults prefer biking to work than in a car. For instance, the Netherlands is a country where the government pays you to bike to work.

3) Travel within the US

For leisurely travel, people prefer to visit exotic places like Columbia, Mexico, Thailand and, Russia. Apart from saving the planet from the emission of greenhouse gases, there is no other reason not to. These countries are way cheaper compared to the US, the culture is richer and you get to squeeze the most out of your 2-week vacation. But it’s time to change your perspective a bit. By traveling within the US, you can contribute to the betterment of the planet earth.

4) Refrain From Using Disposables

During the journey, refrain from using disposable glasses, straws, and other utilities. Most affordable places you will travel to will offer you disposables, hence it is wise to carry reusable items with you while traveling. The less plastic you use during your travel, the more you contribute to the well-being of planet earth. For instance, by using a metal straw in restaurants, you also set an example for other travelers. Hopefully, green travel or eco-tourism will become a trend in 2020.

What Exactly Is Eco-Friendly Travel?

In a nutshell, eco-friendly travel refers to visiting places that are naturally existing and not man-made. Ecotourism also involves educating yourself and others about the importance of preserving the natural resources or the planet Earth. It is true that riding in a bike or electric car is also considered eco-friendly, but it is much more than that.

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