Tips to Protect Your Belongings During Long-Distance Moving

Tips to Protect Your Belongings During Long-Distance Moving

Almost everybody of us has to face a long-distance move at least once in life. It’s always important to choose a suitable place to live and pack all the necessary things. One of the key issues during a move is packing and transportation. In addition, we all want to keep our stuff safe & sound. Let’s observe the tips from professional long-distance movers on how to protect your belongings in the best and most effective way.

Sort Your Belongings

It’s one of the most significant stages during long-distance moving. It will help prepare for the relocation and divide items into certain categories. As a result, you will be able to pack the belongings of the same group in one box. For instance, glass items will be packed into a special box, which can be marked as ‘fragile.’ Later, you & the movers you hire will be aware of the contents & be very careful with the box. Consider adding the following categories:

  • Furniture
  • Clothes
  • Books
  • Appliances, etc.

Besides, sorting will make the unpacking process easier.

Measure the Items You Own

One of the crucial things for the organization of a smooth and carefree long-distance move is the understanding of the space required for your belongings in a truck. It will be very unpleasant if you will have to delay the relocation and wait for a suitable vehicle to be found.

There might be an opposite situation. For example, if you order a truck with too much space, you’ll have to carry additional expenses for nothing, which is extremely unpleasant. Thus, estimate the dimensions carefully and consult the long-distance movers to find a perfect solution for the relocation.

Tips to Protect Your Belongings During Long-Distance Moving

Disassemble Large Items

This procedure should be completed in advance in order to save time and nerves. Disassembling will additionally allow for saving transportation costs because certain belongings will occupy less space, so you won’t have to pay too much. The following types of items can be easily disassembled to make your move more comfortable, secure, and less expensive:

  • Beds. Remove the mattresses from the beds’ frames and do the same with the backs and sides if possible. Note that bedding should be carefully packed into separate boxes.
  • Shelves. The disassembling process greatly depends on the material your shelves are made of. Sometimes, metal items can’t be disassembled at all.
  • Tables. The tabletops can be removed in the majority of cases, which can save space in a truck. Besides, it will be easier to carry the items through the doorways with lower risks of damaging the surfaces.

Prepare Enough Blankets

During transportation, there’re always risks of sudden braking and other situations, which don’t depend on the long-distance moving company hired. To avoid disappointment and damage to your favorite furniture & other items, it’s advisable to have enough moving blankets or bubble wrap. They can be effectively used for the protection of larger valuables. If you hire a full-service moving company, its professionals usually have enough blankets or airy wrap. However, it’s still better to clarify this issue beforehand.

Transport Small and the Most Valuable Items by Yourself in Your Car

Various small valuables might fall or break by accident during transportation. To avoid such situations and the following negative emotions, which can spoil your good mood connected with relocation, it’s recommended to transport the items important to you by yourself. Examples of such belongings are:

·.85d2ax5fln7d”>Put Your Smaller Items into Bigger Ones

There’s a special ‘nesting’ technique used during long-distance moving, which presupposes that certain small items can be safely put into larger ones. As a result, you can not only keep them safe & sound during transportation but also occupy less space in a moving truck. It’s a perfect method for people who have big items with free internal storage space.

Tips to Protect Your Belongings During Long-Distance Moving

Pack Valuables First

It’s a common misconception that it’s better to pack diverse valuable items last. In fact, you should take care of them first in order to ensure proper & secure packing & transportation. Experts of long-distance moving companies also advise packing jewelry in several different boxes instead of one. Make sure they are properly protected & only after this one shall take care of larger items.

Choose Suitable Boxes and Containers

Various items might require different packing materials. Accurate & safe transportation during the relocation mostly depends on proper boxes. They should be suitable in size first and foremost. It’s perfect if you have original boxes from your electronic devices (such as a TV set or a washing machine). If the original boxes were thrown out, it’s better to find or purchase new ones with appropriate sizes (or use a lot of air-bubble wrapping).

Take Care of the Insurance

Moving insurance is one of the vital issues to take care of. It will help avoid financial losses caused by various unexpected situations during transportation. Any long-distance move takes time, so certain items might be occasionally damaged or lost. As a result, you’ll have to buy new ones or deal with the loss/damage. However, if you take care of insurance, it will cover any losses or damages to your possessions. Remember that transportation is always connected with certain risks. And it’s much better to secure yourself & your valuables against them.

Hire Experienced Professionals for a Smooth Move

One of the important long-distance moving tips is the wise choice of a moving company. It’s recommended to hire only reputable long distance mover in Brooklyn, NY with great experience.  Also, pay attention to the customers’ feedback, the presence of a license & accreditation. An expert full-service company will make your relocations stress-free, fast, and safe.