The Adventure Begins: Using Nu-Date to Find Love Online and Travel Partners for Exciting Journeys


Hate to travel alone? No problem, meet someone online and plan a trip together. Today, we’ll give tips on getting the most out of one of the fastest-growing dating sites for men and women.

We won’t describe the registration process since it’s free and takes a couple of minutes. We won’t describe each feature because they are intuitive.

We’ll focus on tips for being super-effective on Nu-Date to help people destined to travel together cross their paths.

Maxing Your Profile

Crafting an appealing dating profile is essential to stand out on the platform. Utilize high-quality photos and an engaging bio. Show personality, interests, and desires. Those seeking someone to date and travel should emphasize their passion for traveling. A way to stand out (since so many people list traveling as their favorite activity nowadays) is to mention the place you want to visit next and the place you’ve seen last.


That gives everyone who likes you 2 specific opportunities to send you a message. And they can do it from whatever angle they choose…

So, maxing your profile means – giving other people as many reasons to send you a message as possible.

Take Advantage of Search Filters

Time efficiency is the secret grail of online dating, but many dating platforms still don’t realize that. Having a bunch of active members doesn’t mean much if they spend most of their active time browsing instead of chatting with each other. The difference lies in search features.

One of the main advantages nu-date is that even though it has a Hot or Not game, most singles find matches through manual filters. They let members check all the criteria they desire in their partner (including location). Members get to see only the best potential matches with a single click.

Also, that’s one of the reasons why finishing the profile matters. Those advanced filters feed off the info members share on their profiles. So if you don’t tell anyone you’d like to visit Hvar next summer, they won’t know what you like about traveling. But the following reason to join nu date is also a reason to be honest while creating a profile.

(Video) Chat!

Faking used to be common dating sites. Girls would lie about their weight or age, and guys would lie about height and income. Some of those lies are still tricky to smell immediately. But thanks to live video chatting, everything related to physical appearance is easy to check before going on a date.


No one can expect to get dates on any dating site without being active on chat. Making connections and building relationships are easy to learn yet hard to master. So just be active. Send many messages. Don’t be afraid to break the ice. To get the best results, look for those with specific profile descriptions because they want to get a message from you.

Look for Signs that Someone Might be a Good Travel Buddy

Sometimes, it’s not about the destination. It’s about the style of traveling. Someone traveling with a backpack and someone who travels in a private jet probably wouldn’t be good traveling buddies. So don’t just look for traveling-related stuff, even if you insist that you and your partner travel together. Focus on finding someone you actually like. Do that by discussing travel preferences, interests, work, and other hobbies.

In other words, it’s better to travel alone than with someone just because they’re going to the same place. That should be on the list of travel tips.

And those who find a person they like and start traveling together should…

Watch Out for the Travel Zone!

Like a friend zone, but for travel buddies, no one wants to be there. Remember that Nu Date is a dating site. People join to find someone to hook up with or have some romantic dates. And that means making moves that show your interest in the other person, not just the 2 of you traveling, is vital.


Be open about your intentions and desires and demand the same from the other side. Discussions about feelings and intentions facilitate a smooth transition. Sometimes, taking things slow and respecting each other’s boundaries leads to a healthy and fulfilling romantic relationship.

But sometimes, it gives one of you a chance to fall in love with someone else.

Those would be the main tips for thriving on a dating site. Following them all should make your time on Nu-Date much more exciting. If anything, you’d spend it video chatting with potential partners compared to swiping left and right on generic sites. Remember, the key is to be specific and active.