Take a dip into this Beer Pool in Austria – After all, there’s Nothing like too much Beer!

Take a dip into this Beer Pool in Austria – After all, there’s Nothing like too much Beer!

Austria is the ultimate paradise for all the beer lovers out there and that too for all the right reasons! Austria has gifted the world with first beer swimming pool and we can’t stop gushing over it! An idea so unique and of course much appreciated, this swimming pool allows you to submerge yourself into the warm and relaxing beer pool and swim into the divinity of beer everywhere!

Now since this idea looks so unique and interesting, you must be floating with joy but at the same an ocean of question would be overflowing in your mind regarding this pool.

Don’t worry we have got it covered. Just read along to find out all that you need to know about this one of its kind pool so that you can finally get ready to take a dive into it!

Where is the pool located?

This beer pool is located in the Starkenberger castle, Tarrenz, Austria. This castle in itself is 700 years old and quite popular in there.  In the fermentation room of the castle, there are altogether 7 beer pool of 1 foot height.  All of these are filled with apporx 42,000 of pints of lager.

How much will you have to pay for it?

Now you have got two options for this pool either you can book it for yourself privately, or you can also share it with other people. Now if you make a private booking, then you will have to pay around about $298 for a session of two hours. While if you choose to share it with others as well, then you will have to pay $6.50 per person, for two straight hours.

By paying the amount, you can freely take dip in the pool. You can also have meat spread, pint of beer and beer crackers as you may wish. Also you can have more beer on tap by paying for some additional cost if you feel like one beer is not enough for you. Also the authorizes want you to buy beer and drink the one that you are swimming in because, they considered it to be undrinkable. Also for people who love traveling can pay just $10 more and take a tour of the gothic cellar, barrels etc.

Take a dip into this Beer Pool in Austria – After all, there’s Nothing like too much Beer!Places to stay

If you drive for two hours from the Munich in Germany, you will reach Tarrenz. If you are looking for accommodation, you can choose from Hotel Zum Lamm, Waldersruh, Haud Selma and enjoy your night stay.

But why would you want to get into the pool anyway?

Other than making you happy, which undoubtedly is one of the best things about this beer pool, you will also get to enjoy other benefits. Taking a dip in this beer pool will help improve your blood circulation, heal the wounds and make your hair healthier, shiner and silkier. Thus while just being yourself and having fun as you swim though the beer, you also get to enjoy several heath related benefits.


Thus if you are a beer lover, you have got to visit this place and have an amazing experience.