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Travel Photo of the Day: Fire Dancers, Turkey

27 May 2013 Belly dancing, fire dancers, staff showing off their dancing skills, that’s just a quick of what entertainment meant during a three week stay in Oludeniz, Turkey. Fun in the sun ... read more

Travel Photo of the Day: Lazy Afternoon on Cruise Boat, Oludeniz

23 May 2013 A day cruise around Oludeniz is a very lively event. Turkish music blasting on board the boat, people running around the beach when you depart, lunch served on the boat, ... read more

Travel Photo of the Day: Fun in the Sun

11 May 2013 It’s the weekend, it’s already getting hot outside, so this is the perfect travel photo for today! Oludeniz, Turkey, with all my favorite stuff: lively atmosphere, fun in the sun, paragliding, ... read more

Top Paragliding Destinations around the World

27 August 2011 Top Paragliding Destinations Adrenaline rush is a big part of any adventure trip and knowing which are the best activities and destinations to get your blood pumping is exactly what you need on ... read more

Photo Wednesday – Beaches of Oludeniz, Turkey

25 November 2009 Now that winter is here, I’d so wish I were back there, in mid September, enjoying the sea, the breeze and the warmth. read more

Lessons Learned when Planning Vacations

16 September 2008 As some of you might know, I’ve been enjoying an amazing vacation in Oludeniz for the past three weeks. You might also remember my big list of things to do ... read more

My Dream Vacation – Oludeniz, Turkey

21 July 2008 What is a Dream Vacation? It’s a masterpiece of Travel Wizards, the kind of vacation that you enjoy so much, you speak about it years and years after coming back. ... read more