Some Essentials when Going Camping

  1. First aid kit: A first aid kit is perhaps one of the most important things to carry when you are going camping. It must have all items such as a band-aid, a bandage, antiseptic creams (liquids may spill over) and tablets for typical problems such as constipation, diarrhea, nausea and fever. I am sure that you must be having a ready first aid box at home. However, it is not advised to carry everything along because when you go camping, you must remember to travel light. Focus more of traveling on foot and exploring the place. That cannot be done with a heavy rucksack on your shoulders. Do not forget a mosquito repellent.
  2. Torch: Secondly, a torch is also very important when you plan to go camping. This is because there are chances that there may not be any source of artificial light once the sun sets. in fact, it is recommended that the torch should be battery operated and not electrically charged. This is because without any lights around, it would be foolish to expect electricity to come your way. Battery torches are anyway cheaper and last longer.
  3. A map and compass: You know, the moment you decide to go camping, the little explorer within you starts to awaken. With a map and compass, you are bound to feel like a discoverer who has set out on foot to unearth something new. The map will guide you through the path. Usually, campsites are new forests so you should keep the maps and compass handy. The compass will let you know about the direction. The combination of these two compliments each other and that is why you can then be sure that you will not get lost. However, please learn how to read it first!
  4. Pocket knife: A pocket knife is the fourth essential thing that we have on our list. It can come handy any time and this is why you should not forget it at any cost. It can help you to cut fruits and vegetables that you gather from around the location of your campsite. In fact, a swiss knife is something which is not just a knife but also a pair of scissors, saw and corkscrew at once. With so many things combined in a little device, it practically takes up no space at all and is yet one of the most useful things that you can put in.
  5. Extra pair of shoes: It is obvious that you will wear sports shoes and not flimsy slippers when you go for camping. But, what if your reliable shoe just decides to go for a toss and the sole comes off? This is why you need to carry an extra pair of sports Though you may not necessarily need it, it will surely be very helpful in the long run. In fact, even the sense of security that you experience with it is worth the extra weight.

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