Rats Are Killing New York Tourism, City Official Claims

Unlike they are funny cartoon characters and also cook heavenly, very few people can say they can stand rats, much less like the creatures. And seeing them run around the streets or through the subway stations in Manhattan, the top attraction of the highly touristic city of New York is definitely a turnoff for those visiting the Big Apple.


Rats, an NYC tourist turnoff?

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As city authorities recognize the damaging impact of ever-present rats on traveler numbers and subsequently on travel spending in NYC, Manhattan Borough president Scott Stringer demanded $1.5 million to help handle this disgusting problem.

“[tourists] don’t want to come here and share their vacation with a New York City rat,” Stringer explained to Reuters.

To be able to take care of the rat infestation, Stringer claimed the 1.5 million should be restored to the city Health Department budget. The department has had to let go 57 Pest Control workers, which resulted in a 1.5% increase in rat-related complaints over the last year, the result being a damaged touristic image for NYC.

“I find this to be unacceptable because rodents are very dangerous to children and the quality of life of the city,” Stringer said.

He also explained that the budgetary cut was uncalled for, as the pest control program was making money for the city.

While Stringer makes the rat problem sound urgent and extremely important, city health spokeswoman Susan Craig does not share his concerns and claims that despite the layoffs, they are still able to handle rat complaints.

So New Yorkers and New York visitors, help shed light into this problem. Is Manhattan really having such a huge rat invasion to deal with?