4 Common Mistakes Made by Holiday Makers

Going on holiday is a very an exciting thing. New sites to see, new cultures to experience, it can be quite exhilarating! However, so many holiday makers come home disappointed because the trip did not go quite as they wanted it to. While this might be due to a million factors, most of the times, the cause of disappointment is some common mistakes that so many holidaymakers make.

1. Travel insurance

Perhaps the biggest mistake made by so many holiday makers is failing to get travel insurance when they go on holiday. The last thing you want is to start having to deal with huge medical bills in a foreign country because your health policy does not extend there. Travel insurance makes sure that you are covered in the event of anything wherever you go.

While some people do have travel insurance, they soon discover that it is not all that they thought it would be. This happens because they do not take the time to do their research properly on the best travel insurance for them. Each insurance policy has a list of the things that are excluded from the cover; make sure you read the fine print to make sure that the insurance policy covers the activities you are planning to partake in.


Another common mistake made by many holiday makers is failing to get enough paperwork for the claim they want to make to the insurance company. If something goes wrong in the hotel and you experience some loss which the hotel is not obligated to compensate you for, then make sure you get a statement of acknowledgement from them which you can present as proof to the company. Too many people are not compensated for genuine losses because they just cannot prove that they incurred them.

2. Online booking blunders

While online booking is the rage, it is important to be careful while doing it. Use a company that is reputable, so many people have paid loads of money to a travel company which turns out to be a fake, and they discover that, only when they get to their holiday destination and find that they do not even have a hotel room.

Even where you are sure you are dealing with an honest travel company, make sure you get all the details right, such as when you plan on going on the holiday, the exact location, the number of people you will be travelling with and other such important details. If a mistake was to be made with this regard, the trip might end up being a total disaster.

3. Packing mistakes

So many mistakes are made while packing! Some people pack too much luggage and have to pay extra at the airport, money that could have been put to better use as they probably do not need 90% of that stuff.

Another very common mistake is forgetting to pack essentials. A near sighted holiday maker not carrying their glasses and having to squint their way through everything as it would be too costly to get another pair of prescription glasses, for example.

A recent survey that was done showed that holiday makers spend millions of dollars every year while on holiday buying essential things that they forgot to pack. Interestingly, the most frequently forgotten item according to this survey was a favourite pair of shoes.

4. Being too daring

While the main point of going on holiday is to have a break and to get to do things that you have probably never done before, some holiday makers take this too far. They forget that the things that were dangerous back home are still as dangerous as ever where they are.

So many holiday makers end up hospitalized because of driving too fast, or while under the influence of alcohol. Others decide to get their hands on all the local cuisine to have a taste, knowing full well that they have a weak stomach. More dangerous still, the avid party animals go for wild parties with the locals, throwing all caution to the wind concerning their safety.

Most travel insurance companies do not cover dangerous activities such as skydiving or bungee jumping. While these may be fun activities, the holiday maker should bear in mind that if anything goes wrong they will find themselves on their own.

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Hi, I am Brian, I love travelling to different places and I recently had a New Orleans Swamp Tour. I also like sharing my views about the places through my articles.

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  1. carol says:

    I stopped reading after “new sites”. . If you are actually present the spelling is “sights” or so I think… If you are travelling on your computer maybe websites.

  2. Hi Carol, sorry to hear you would no longer read… but sorry to break it to you, before websites, the word site still had a meaning… http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/site Sights would also work here, but sites is not really misused 🙂

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