Jumping from one year to the next

2013 was a cray, messy, complicated year, but also one that I loved. I managed to fall in love with last year despite my lack of extensive traveling. Yes, the girl with the huge travel bug did not travel much last year. Well, there was a trip to Bulgaria’s seaside, which was unplanned. Robert’s visit to the country gave me a reason to take a quick trip with him. I later revisited Sibiu to check the sights and spend some time with my dad and his wife. Add a little mountain climbing on nearby day hiking trails, those were quite fun!

Sibiu, Old City

There was also quite a bit of driving around Romania, a bit of country side, a bit of Bucharest fun time, but no extensive European tours, no real traveling. There were good reasons for it, and as I said I loved 2013, you can imagine they were pretty big things to compensate for my lack of travel. Did I get all tingly and experience withdrawal symptoms? You bet! 

How did I cope? I have no clue, really. I read a lot, kept up with travel blogs, made plans for this year’s travels. Oh, those failed miserably. I was planning a Japan trip this spring but that is not going to happen. I just can’t leave this spring. Why? I will be launching my first book this spring, that takes a lot of time and work and I couldn’t handle it if I were in Tokyo and had to stay connected for days on end for promo stuff!

Yet the moment summer hits, I will change that! Till then, I will have to survive on nearby weekend getaways. I am planning on more mountain hiking. I will have to wait for the snow to melt, though.

I am also planning on expanding my experience in traveling with my dog, Ares. That should make for fun stories, as he is one huge dog! Over 40 kilos right now. I hope by late summer/early autumn things calm down a bit. I sort of feel like a little fun in the sun and I am considering Bodrum this time around. It’s still in my beloved Turkey, but way closer than my other passion, Oludeniz.

Golden Sands, Bulgaria

So what’s your travel plan for the year? And how do you cope with extensive amounts of time when you don’t get to travel to your heart’s desire?

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