How to Beat your Boredom in a Long Haul Flight?


When it comes to long tedious flights boredom sometime become unbearable. You have novels to read and you have movies to watch but for a flight which is 8 to 9 hours long even the books an movie aren’t able to keep up with you. So what to do now? 

Here is a list of some of the interesting things that you can do to shoo your boredom away and have a productive time as well!

  • Strike up a conversation with the person sitting next to you

This is one of the best and most interesting ways to beat the boredom to start a conversation with the person you are traveling to. Although it might awkward at first especially when the person is indifferent to your approach find someone else to chat. And there are high chances that you will eventually find someone to chat because of course must be getting bored too!

  • Use the wifi facility to access the internet

This is yet another good move to pass your time when on flights. There are a lot of flights that provide the wifi facility but in flights that do not provide one; you can other alternatives that will provide you free wifi for an hour or so. In this way you can also text your friends watch any online streaming show.

  • Indulge in some creative activity like drawing or origami or poetry

These methods will not only help you in passing your time but will also make your feel productive. You can pack a scrapbook so that on the long flight hours. Once you start drawing you will lose track of time. Origami is yet another effective ways to pass your time. It is both time consuming and also a type, meditation practice.  Or you can take out your pen and paper jot down your feelings in the form of poetry.

  • Avoid looking at the flight map again and again

Although the flight maps look tempting as they constantly tell you about your current location and how much time is left in reaching the destination. But unconsciously it only makes your boredom worse. By looking at it again and again you will feel like that time has become really really slow.  And in no time you will start looking at it every 0 seconds or 1 minute. This will only add to your boredom so avoid looking at the flight maps.

  • Playing games

Once you start playing a game, you get so indulged in it that you don’t even realize how the time has passed. You download some of your favourite games on your mobile phones and play it offline once you are on flight. Also if you want you can ask for your neighboring passenger to play pen and paper games with you. This will help you in having a really good time and make a new friend.

  • Bring your work essentials

No matter whether you are a student or a working professional. Try to bring your laptop or your tablets on which you can work on your assignment or projects given to you in school or office. This will not only prove to be productive but also a great way to pass you time without even realizing.

Thus by adopting these habits you can easily beat the boredom and make your flight experience more enjoyable.

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