How long does a breeze card last? |

A breeze card is a prepaid travel service that allows you to use public transportation in cities around the world. This article will describe how long these cards last and what happens when they expire.

The “breeze card balance protection” is a feature that allows users to view the remaining amount of time left on their card. The card can last up to 3 years, depending on the type of card purchased.

How long does a breeze card last? |

The MARTA and regional transportation fare card, the Breeze Card, records cash value, one-way fares, and passes electronically and expires after three years (a new card must be purchased after the expiration date).

How much does a breeze card cost in this regard?

A Breeze Card will set you back $2.00. At the time of the first transaction, additional fare or value must be placed into the card.

Second, how much does a Marta card cost every year? The usual MARTA cost for a one-way travel is $2.50. Only aboard buses may you pay with exact cash; otherwise, the fare must be loaded onto a reloadable Breeze Card ($2) or a $1 disposable paper ticket. The fare card or ticket, as well as the fare, may be purchased at any MARTA rail station or online.

People often wonder whether they can ride Marta without having a breeze card.

The bus may be paid for with a Breeze Card or cash ($2.50), however drivers cannot make change. Keep in mind that if you pay cash, you will not get a free rail transfer. Breeze Cards and fares may be purchased at any MARTA station or online.

How can I check the status of my Breeze card?

To access our automatic answering service, have your card ready and dial 404-848-5000. You may check the balance on your current Breeze Card at any Breeze Vending Machine and MARTA RideStore.

Answers to Related Questions

Do Breeze cards have an expiration date?

The MARTA and regional transportation fare card, the Breeze Card, records cash value, one-way fares, and passes electronically and expires after three years (a new card must be purchased after the expiration date). The plastic card can be purchased and refilled as needed online or in any MARTA station.

What is the cost of a one-day breeze ticket?

The Breeze Ticket costs $1.00 more on top of the fare or pass price.

What is the procedure for reloading my Breeze card?

Breeze Vending Machine (Breeze Vending Machine)

  1. From the display menu, choose “Reload Card.”
  2. Tap the round, blue Breeze target with your Breeze Card.
  3. By tapping the button on the menu screen, you may choose the value you want to place on your card.
  4. Cash, coins, or a credit/debit card may all be inserted into the slot.

How much does a week’s bus pass cost?

2020 weekly bus pass

A one-week bus ticket costs £21.20 if you’re in London for 5, 6, or 7 days and solely ride buses. The ticket permits you to ride on buses in zones 1–6 across London. It may begin on any day of the week and be used at any time throughout the stated days.

What is the cost of taking the train?

Tariff table

FARES FOR THE BASE/REGULAR (as deducted from transit value in a Ventra transit account) Full Reduced
Fare for the ‘L’ train $2.50 * $1.25
Bus fare 2.25 1.10
Transfer of ownership (up to 2 additional rides within 2 hrs) .25 .15
SUCCESSES (load onto Ventra transit account) Full Reduced

Is it possible to load a breeze card through the internet?

MARTA fare cards may be loaded online by riders. Riders on the MARTA may now load their Breeze cards from the convenience of their own homes. Visit or contact customer support at 404-848-5000 for further information.

How much does a five-day bus pass cost?

Prepaid Local Fare Options

Category of Food Fare
Pass valid for 5 days $14.00
a seven-day pass $19.25
Pass valid for 31 days $63.00
Ticket for ten rides $15.75

How much does a seven-day Marta pass cost?

Expense Guide

Cash Fare 2.50 dollars (Paid at bus farebox, no transfer)
2-Day Ticket $14.00
3-Day Ticket $16.00
4-Day Ticket $19.00
a seven-day pass $23.75

Is it possible for two persons to use the same Breeze card?

It is also not authorized to share a Breeze card; each member of your group must have their own (this policy frequently trips up visitors).

What can you do with a Breeze card?


  • It may be used as a library card.
  • Exclusive deals are available.
  • Sports and recreation facilities, stores, and entertainment places all provide discounts.
  • All Leeds City Council museums and galleries offer discounts.
  • Breeze events such as Breeze on Tour, Mini Breeze, [email protected] and others have a priority entrance system.

Is it possible to pay for the bus with a debit card?

Purchase your ticket from a ticket machine before boarding. MAX ticket machines accept cash as well as debit/credit cards. Your ticket serves as proof of payment for buses, MAX, WES Commuter Rail, and Portland Streetcar for 212 hours.

Is it possible to eat on Marta?

Yes, MARTA is a safe mode of transportation. Is it okay for me to carry food or beverages on the MARTA? You may eat and drink at bus and rail terminals, but you can’t eat or drink on MARTA trains, streetcars, or buses according to state law.

What is the cost of Marta’s reduced fare?

How much does a Breeze Card with Reduced Fares cost? The first card is free, and the first replacement will only cost you $2. The cost of any subsequent replacements will be $5.

How can I transfer the amount on my Breeze card?

Getting the Most Out of Your Breeze Card

You may get a balance transfer if you engaged balance protection prior to the expiry of your Breeze Cards by contacting MARTA (RideStore or Customer Service Center) within 30 days of the expiration date.

Is it possible to use the Breeze card on the bus?

On the bus, streetcar, and rail, Breeze Cards and Tickets are accepted as legitimate fare media.

What is the cost of an all-day bus pass?

Prices of cash fares and bus passes

Age Cash Fare for a Single Ride Day Pass
the student (with transit photo ID) $3.50 $10
Adult $3.50 $10
65 years old and up (with transit photo ID) $3.50 $10
Pensioner with Disabilities (with transit photo ID) $3.50 $10

What is the cost of a 30-day Marta pass?

MARTA currently offers unlimited 2-Day Ticketes for $14 and 30-day unlimited passes for $95. Customers can purchase the 25 percent discounted passes at the Five Points and airport RideStores, Breeze card vending machines and on the Breeze card website at