How do you return a pocket hose? |

The term “pocket hose” is used to describe a relatively small diameter, lightweight hose that can be folded up and carried on your person. This type of water line isn’t often needed in the home or office but it’s an essential tool for firefighters, plumbers, carpenters and other professionals needing a reliable way to move water quickly when they need it most.

The “pocket hose silver bullet customer service phone number” is a question that has been asked many times. The answer to the question, is that you can return your pocket hose at any hardware store.

How do you return a pocket hose? |

Your complete satisfaction is guaranteed. If you are unhappy with any Telebrands product for any reason, just return it within 30 days for a prompt refund of the purchase price, except shipping and handling. For further details, please see our return policy. There may be some exceptions.

Is there a warranty on pocket Hose?

Telebrands warranties the Pocket Hose Brass Bullet product, for Lifetime Replacements; discontinued items are honored up to 5 years from the date of delivery of the product by the original customer, against substantial loss of performance occurring from normal wear and tear.

Also, what causes my pocket hose to leak? When we drag the hose over stone or boulders in the garden, leaks are common. Accidental cuts, high water pressure, broken hose connections, or a malfunctioning faucet may all cause leaks in a pocket garden hose. Even if any of these things occur, you do not need to be concerned or replace your hose.

How do you remove a nozzle from a pocket hose in the same way?

If you want to use your own spray nozzle, the Adjustable Spray Aluminum Nozzle may be removed from the Pocket Hose® Silver BulletTM. Remove the nozzle by turning it counterclockwise and replacing it with your own spray nozzle.

Who is the manufacturer of the Pocket hose?

The Pocket Hose and Mini Max Hose are expandable garden hoses that were initially presented by Telebrands via TV infomercials in August 2012 and are now available for purchase at Home Depot locations. The hoses are available in a variety of lengths, with prices ranging from $12.99 to $42.99 depending on length.

Answers to Related Questions

Is it possible to fix a flex garden hose?

I’ve discovered that the hoses leak just outside the fittings. You may fix them by disassembling the fitting, cutting off the final two inches, and then reassembling it with the current fittings. A set of pliers and a pair of wire cutters are all you’ll need.

Is it possible for you to repair a flexible hose?

Taking Care of a Flexible Sink Hose

Disconnect the line, apply plumbers’ joint compound or wrap plumbers’ joint tape over the threads, then rejoin the hose if the leak persists. The simplest approach to find a leak in a hose is to check it inch by inch while water is flowing through it under bright light.

Why does my garden hose continue to burst?

The hose will burst if you increase the pressure by installing a pump that is too powerful or by building your water tower too high. The water in the hose does not continue to flow. It fills the hose with water and then shuts off. Until you open the nozzle and allow the water flow out, no additional water will enter the hose.

What is the best way to utilize an extendable hose?

On the opposite end of the hose, attach the 9-setting spray nozzle. It’s ready to use after it’s completely enlarged. When the hose is not in use, turn off the water at the source. Squeeze the nozzle to completely drain the hose and allow it to contract to its original length.

How do you mend a flexible hose that is leaking?

In your scenario, you should start by reconnecting the pipe with a clean fitting:

  1. Remove the hose from the system.
  2. Remove all of the existing tape.
  3. Using a wire brush, clean the threads on the hose and the fitting.
  4. Wrap fresh silicon plumbers tape twice around the threads – no more – too much isn’t good.

Is it possible to link two extendable hoses together?

Yes, you can connect the expandable hose to an existing hose. To connect the two hoses, you’ll need a push-in adapter with a threaded female end if your current hose uses push-in connections.

Which expanding hose is the best?

The Most Effective Expansion Hose

  1. Hospaip Expandable Garden Hose, 50 ft. Previous.
  2. MoonLa’s Expandable Water Hose is 50 feet long. Previous.
  3. Expandable Garden Hose Set from Joeys Garden.
  4. EnerPlex X-Stream Non-Kink Expandable Hose is 75 feet long.
  5. Bullet 50ft Expanding Hose from Top Brass.
  6. Tacklife Garden Hose, 50 ft.
  7. Professional Coil Garden Hose from Water Right.
  8. The FitLife Flexible & Expandable Hose.

What about the expandable hoses? Are they any good?

An expanding hose has the advantage of being lighter, simpler to handle, and taking up less storage space than a traditional hose since it shrinks down to size when there is no water in it. The three original brands we examined this year released versions with more durable fittings.