Hipmunk City Love Opinions: Top Atlanta Must See Attractions

If you want to experience a genuine American South city, Atlanta, Georgia should be at the top of your destinations short lists. It’s got a bit of everything, from history, to art and culture, to fun and educational activities. With a number of attractions and activities battling to be added for your itinerary only rivaled by the number of Atlanta hotels you have to choose from, determining what to see and do can turn into a bit of a problem.

Atlanta, Georgia

Photo by Pon Xayavong via Trover.com

Here is a list of top attractions adding a bit of everything to get a full Atlanta experience. Museums, parks, theaters, and fun stuff are on this itinerary that I think will make it easy for you to get a taste of Atlanta without missing any of its important facets.

History and Culture Stops

It’s best to always start with the history of a place, which will help you get a better idea on what led to today’s culture. Atlanta must see attractions for history buffs and those who are simply curious have the Atlanta History Center at the very top. A visit to this immense complex will introduce you to the Atlanta History Museum, the Centennial Olympic Games Museum, the Kenan Research Center, Swan House and the Smith Family Farm. While it’s a great start for a well-rounded view on Atlanta history, it must be followed by a trip to the Martin Luther King Jr National Historic Site and the Oakland Cemetery.

Art and Creativity

Start your artistic experience at the Michael C Carlos Museum to gaze at the largest collection of ancient art in the region, with pieces from Egypt, Greece, the Near East, Rome, and even the Americas. Next up should be the High Museum of Art which will help continue your artistic journey with exhibits from the Renaissance till present times. For something very different, try the Center for Puppetry Arts!

The Great Outdoors (and Another Hint of History)

Regardless of when you travel to Atlanta, you must visit the Botanical Garden. There’s always something in bloom in the many gardens that create this beautiful complex. The Japanese Garden, the two centers dedicated to orchids, and the Desert House are what instantly caught my eye. If you need a bit of outdoors while making your way through the skyscrapers, stop by Piedmont Park. And to add history to your green respite, visit Stone Mountain Park that commemorates those who fell in the Civil War.

Pop Culture and Entertainment

Current and historic at the same time, the Fox Theatre built in the 20s, and World of Coca Cola are all must-see attractions. To get a feel of the currenthttps://foxtheatre.org/#0-ASo buzz, the Inside CNN Tour will show you how news is made. It even includes a quick stop through the news room, and depending on the time, you might catch part of the newscast. Further entertainment hot spots are the Georgia Aquarium and Grant Park’s Zoo Atlanta. The zoo even has a petting area for your children and a playground to help them burn excess energy.

What’s at the top of your Atlanta itinerary?