Dog Friendly Holiday Accommodation: A Quick Guide

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An increasing number of dog lovers are choosing to take their beloved canine along with them when they go on holiday due to the plethora of dog-friendly accommodation options that are available. But with so many welcoming cottages, hotels and bed and breakfasts to choose from, how can you ensure that you select the best one for the needs of you and your pooch?

Read on to find out…

Big Dogs, Small Dogs…All Dogs Welcome?

Whilst a hotel or resort might state that they are dog friendly, be warned that it is still possibly that your pet dog will not be welcome. Dogs over a certain size may not be permitted and particular breeds may also be banned. For example, many dog friendly holiday rentals do not allow American Pit Bull terriers, Japanese Tosas or Doga Argentinos to stay, due to their reputation as temperamental fighting dogs. These bans aim to ensure that other guests — and their dogs — are comfortable during their stay.

If you are any doubt, be sure to call your selected holiday accommodation before making a booking. It should be noted that many dog friendly places will also only allow one dog per holiday rental so again; call to check if you are planning on taking more than one pup.

Doggy Places: Wide Open Spaces

If you are going on holiday with your dog in tow, it is probably safe to assume that you would like to take them on regular walks whilst away. The spaces that are on offer to you to do such will very much depend on the area in which you will be holidaying. For example, if you are staying in Scotland you can expect to find many mountainous walking trails, whilst Cornwall offers the same in addition to endless dog-friendly beaches.

A significant number of dog-friendly resorts also comprise large grounds and trails to explore with your dog. This option might be best for older individuals who can’t walk as far as their younger counterparts and/or those who do not wish to stray too far away from their room.

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Holiday Home Free Roam for Pups?

Special rules apply to some dog friendly properties. Sometimes dogs are not allowed to roam on any floor above the ground one and/or they must not sleep in the beds of guests — problematic for those who like their pet to sleep on or at the end of their bed!

In some cases, canines are restricted to one room of the holiday property only (most likely; the living room) and this can be distressing to some mutts and owners.  On occasion, a dog-welcoming holiday rental might not even allow the dog to sleep within the property providing them with a backyard kennel instead. Ring or email your selected accommodation vendor for further information on this matter in relation to specific properties.

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How much is that Doggy in the Hotel?

It should not be simply assumed that the cost of your holiday rental will include your dog’s stay since it is sometimes the case that the price quoted is for human guests only and that an additional charge will apply for your pet. Again; pick up the ‘dog and bone’ if you are unsure.

Whilst some holiday homes and resorts will provide items such as dog baskets, blankets, leads, bowls, food and other edible treats for your pup for no extra fee, some places will surcharge you for these. Be sure to ask about any charges that might apply before taking advantage of any dog-related items found in your room or reception (consider these items as the equivalent of the mini bar found in many hotel rooms!)

Paws for Thought: Read Reviews!

The best way to discover whether or not a particular hotel, B&B or resort is actually as dog-friendly as they claim to be is to read reviews submitted by others online. A quick search in Google will soon lead you to the honest opinions of other canine owners.

Such reviews are always worth checking before making a booking — although your choice of accommodation might be ideal for a pooch, it will not necessary live up to your expectations in other areas such as cleanliness or the breakfast cuisine that is provided.
About the author
The author of this guest blog — Mary Twine —works for a travel agency specialising in pet friendly holiday deals and Cornwall cottage holidays.