Global Hotel Exchange Promises to Put Hotels Back in the Hotel Business

Global Hotel Exchange is getting ready for the big launch they have scheduled for March and have offered a sneak preview of what hotel owners should expect when they are up and running. This whole new concept of an online travel agency is built around a promise to put “hotels back in the hotel business,” meaning all their features will be targeted at hotel owners, helping them take control of their hospitality business.

These “Owner-first’ features will debut in March, starting with giving hotel owners complete control of money collection and customer data. Global Hotel Exchange will charge nothing to the hotels and that is what sets them apart from most online travel agencies. Tourists will pay the total room rate, taxes and all other charges directly to the hotel at checkout. The hotel will also receive all the traveler info once a booking is made, making it easy to hold each room. 

The two main benefits for hotels are that they finally have full control over the money paid to them, as they get to keep it all. The OTA will instead charge a small, one-time fee to customers for each booking. As all the client details are sent to the hotels, they will be encouraged to reengage guests into conversations on their stays, reviving the long overlooked relationship between the hotel and its customers.


As explained in a recent press release, Global Hotel Exchange will not use any prepaid and inflexible policies that force guests to accept having their credit card locked up in advance. Travelers are only charged at the end of their stay when they check out. While GHX is not the only OTA practicing this approach, it adds up to the other hotel-centered features they focus on, helping build trust among guests.

GHX advises the hotels who will sign up for their services to be as flexible and as accommodating as this new breed of OTA is. Making sure they help guests out, changing what they require to be altered and being courteous while doing it will help build trust directly to the hotel, not to the online travel agency.

Global Hotel Exchange was initially expected to be launched earlier in 2012, but they had to postpone the event due to massive demand by hotels around the world.

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