Expedia Launches Upgraded Hotel Connectivity Platform

Online travel company Expedia has just released an upgraded version of its connectivity platform that hotels and reservation system providers use to design, develop and launch booking interfaces that are directly connected to Expedia.

Travelers that want to book a hotel stay on one of the more than 70 Expedia-brand and Hotels.com booking sites around the world will now get more accurate pricing and availability data. The new platform thus insures there will be less discrepancies between what tourists see on booking sites and the actual data.

The new Expedia Connect 2 streamlines bookings to all connected hotel and also allows them to easily provide last-minute room details and offers, while also preventing overbooking and avoiding force-sell.

“Expedia Connect 2 was introduced out of our desire to deliver a connectivity solution that ensures we are serving our hotel partners in a way that is relevant and meaningful to their business goals,” said Melissa Maher, senior vice president of global strategic accounts and industry relations, Expedia, Inc. “We’re constantly innovating and pushing the envelope in terms of the breadth of services we provide to our supply partners, and in this case, this platform is truly a first-of-its-kind interface that offers our hotel partners a connectivity solution that is unmatched in the online travel space.”

The new connectivity solution for hotels and booking sites was announced just before the Open Travel Advisory Forum in Miami, where Expedia representatives will introduce travel professionals to the new technology’s benefits.

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