Travel Safety: European 112 Day 2013

Staying safe while traveling also involves knowing who to call when you need help. Emergency numbers are not always as famous as the US 911 which we all know from movies (or songs, or both). Although there is one emergency number across all EU states, 112, people are still grossly unaware of these three digits that get you in contact with any emergency service you need – Ambulance, Police, Fire Fighting Department, etc.

This year, to celebrate the European 112 Day – that is February 11th, 2013 - 25 countries of Europe are organizing awareness raising activities as a response to the harsh fact that only 1 in 4 EU citizens knows to dial 112 for emergencies. What’s worse is that the number of people who know the European emergency number has been stagnating for years. Awareness about emergency numbers starts with European citizens and then should move forward to all those traveling to EU countries. 

The number of countries organizing the 2013 European 112 Day is expected to be the highest ever. Some of the activities meant to spread the word about calling 112 in case of emergencies include information sessions and presentations in schools, Open Doors and visits in the 112 emergency call-centers, events pairing the 112 Day 2013 with cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) awareness activities and more.


“The substantial number of countries organising the European 112 Day highlights the importance of raising awareness of 112 at EU level, especially during this Year of Citizens. Better awareness levels and quality of service of 112 would definitely be of great benefit to European citizens moving around the Single Market and to emergency services striving to serve the hundreds of millions of emergency calls they receive every year”, comments Olivier Paul Morandini, President of the European Emergency Number Association (EENA).

Here is a complete list of all activities organized to celebrate this day in each of the participating countries. Here’s the event’s Facebook page as well. Happy 2013 European 112 Day and remember to stay safe! 

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