Essential Tech Tips For Traveling In Germany


From autobahns and Volkfests to magnificent Bavarian landscapes, it will be an amazing experience if you are planning to travel to Germany. Nevertheless, similar to any other country, you must be well-prepared to make your trip memorable. Germany has different laws and cultural norms that you should be aware of.

Moreover, whether you are a digital nomad or a social media buff, ensuring your online security is important. VPNRanks suggests using a premium VPN, which can help you enhance your privacy and provide you access to restricted websites and web apps.

Let’s uncover some essential tech tips for traveling in Germany.

Register for EasyPASS

Avoiding long queues is possible for travelers planning to go to Germany using EasyPASS-RTP. This system allows entry into the European Union through automated gates typically reserved for EU citizens, streamlining the immigration process.

Enrolling for EasyPASS is straightforward. To get started, follow these steps:

  1. Visit an enrollment center located in one of the five German airports.
  2. Approach the German federal police office at the center and request an EasyPASS.
  3. You’ll undergo an interview and complete a few forms to finalize the process.

EasyPASS offers a smoother and faster entry process, allowing eligible travelers to use automated gates usually reserved for EU citizens. This privilege saves time by bypassing longer queues at immigration checkpoints.

Using Offline Google Maps

While Google navigation is reliable with an internet connection, it’s crucial to be prepared for situations where there’s no internet access.

Downloading Google offline maps onto your tablet or smartphone is a smart move. It ensures your safety and keeps you well-informed, especially when an internet connection isn’t available.

This way, you’ll have access to maps even without an active internet connection, allowing you to navigate and find directions conveniently.

Make Use of Google Trips Apps

If you enjoy planning your trips, you’ll appreciate the convenience of the Google Trips smart app. Available for both iPhone and Android devices, this app assists in efficiently organizing your travels. It offers automatic recommendations for interesting nearby locations to visit.

Moreover, it consolidates all your travel-related details, including confirmation numbers and reservations, into a convenient platform.

Get a Premium VPN

A VPN is strongly recommended when traveling internationally or specifically to Germany for a few important reasons.


Firstly, the web series you love watching in the US might not be accessible in Germany due to restrictions. To avoid missing out on your favorite content, a VPN is beneficial as it can bypass these limitations by altering your IP address and virtual location.

Secondly, public WiFi while traveling can be convenient for security purposes but poses risks to your sensitive data. Using a VPN is crucial to safeguard yourself from potential online theft and ensure the security of your information.

Check Power Adapter Compatibility

When traveling to Germany, it’s crucial to understand the voltage difference for electrical devices. In the States, devices typically run on 120 volts, but in Germany, the voltage is 230, which is notably higher.

Before plugging in your devices, checking their specific voltage requirements is important. While many devices can handle different voltages, it’s a good idea to carry a travel adapter to adjust the voltage. Otherwise, if your device isn’t compatible with the higher voltage in Germany, it might stop working completely.

In simpler terms, the electricity in Germany is stronger than what devices from the US or other countries outside the EU are used to. So, it’s essential to be aware of this difference and use a travel adapter to ensure your devices work properly and don’t get damaged when you plug them in.

Use WiFi Apps

Locating WiFi can be challenging, but several applications such as Instabridge, WiFox, WiFi Map, and similar ones exist. These apps can assist you in finding nearby WiFi hotspots and even provide the passwords associated with them.

Use Google Translate for Better Communication

Are you new to speaking German? Don’t worry. Google Translate can assist you! It can teach you common words and help you understand the language better. Using Google Translate can make your trip much more enjoyable and easier to navigate!

Make a Backup of Your Pictures on the Cloud

Ensure the safety of your photos by utilizing cloud storage. Losing precious memories due to phone loss, damage, or malfunction would be disheartening.


Storing your photos on platforms such as Google Drive, Dropbox, or iCloud will provide ease and safety and keep your cherished moments secure in one accessible location consistently.

Keep Cash in Local Currency

It’s a good idea to carry cash with you in Germany. Even though credit cards are usually okay, some places in Germany might not take them. This could make things tricky, so having cash on hand is a good plan.


To sum up, technology can make your trip to Germany better. Apps like Google Trips and Google Offline Maps help you plan and find your way around easily. A VPN keeps you safe when using public WiFi and lets you access entertainment stuff.

These smart tech tips don’t just make traveling easier; they also make it more fun in Germany. Following these tips can help you have a great time and make your trip smoother and more enjoyable while you explore this wonderful country.