Cyprus Holidays: Clubbing in Ayia Napa

Ah, Cyprus holidays – the island of love and beauty – where better to party darn hard than among all of the shoreline stunners next to crystal clear twinkling waters. All sound a bit too good to be true? Well get rid of those worries and woes; just like when you found out Mila Kunis had a cracking personality to boot, Ayia Napa has it all goin’ awn.

Aya Napa Old Town

The awesome thing about Cyprus holidays is that this island doesn’t make you choose. There’s no nasty ultimatum going on, Ayia Napa knows that you want to experience some of the best clubbing fun in the Med. But it’s not possessive. Oh no. Ayia Napa isn’t that overbearing girlfriend of a break that won’t allow you to a nice place of grub, some chill out time, and a night on the tiles with your mates – Ayia Napa wants you to have it all! And you don’t even need to thank her.

As well as the infamous Ayia Napa square, party rockers can venture out slightly onto the strip, giving you the choice of two areas for after sundown hours. Of course it does – like one strip would be enough…

Booking with a reputable clubbing holiday company can also be highly advisable. There are tons of benefits from exclusive events – including Geek Chic parties, foam parties, Silent Arenas etc. – to discounted drinks, free club entry and photos disks of your time away.

The Dock

During the day, you’re pretty much spoilt for choice. Chill out however you like.  Ayia Napa has its own waterpark and blue flag beaches coated with sugary white sands. With temps as high as 35 degrees C during the height of summer, you might even be tempted to check out some of the watersports or even hop onto The Linekers Boat Party.

Cyprus holidays in Ayia Napa – do it your way.