Best Sea Views in Greece

sea view

We all love watching the sunrise or the sunset in great open spaces, don’t we? But how about having the unique opportunity to rest our sight by watching the endless blue of the Aegean or Ionian Sea all day long? Here is a brief list of the best places around that beautiful country that offer stunning views of the sea nearby.


This is the best place to have a look to the Aegean Sea and let your mind and soul free. In fact, it’s two villas, one next to another. Rocky Mansion and Rocky Charm can host up to 32 people and they are located in Agrari, a village in Mykonos. The whole place is more than convenient for parties and ceremonies if you fancy one. The area is protected by the strong northern winds that are a characteristic of the island, especially during summer months. It goes without saying that all Clubzak Mykonos villas are particularly designed so as to offer gorgeous outlooks to the Mediterranean Sea. Besides, it won’t cost you an arm and a leg to book some nights there as they’re rather affordable. Rent an out-of-this-world villa in Mykonos by Clubzak nowand feel like an international jet set superstar.


Most tourists deciding to land on the largest Greek island opt for Chania and they don’t even know that Elounda, on the west of the island, can generously make them feel like home and enjoy a sea view out of the comfort of a swimming pool. The famous island of Spinaloga is right in front of your eyes too and you can take the local boat to check it out. However, such an experience doesn’t come quite cheap as it will take about 250 euros out of your wallet per night. On the positive side, there are adults-only zones to escape from children’s fuss and a great beach just below the hotel rooms with crystal-clear water let alone its awarded spotlessness and attractiveness.


Between Mykonos and Crete you may come across and visit the magnificent island of Santorini. It’s one of the most interesting islands in the world mainly thanks to the awesome views to the islands around it as well as the sunset and the volcano. The finest place to admire the beauty of its sea is Caldera. It is located over the main port and only if you’ve been there, will you realize what I’m talking about.



That’s one more magical Greek island that has the ability to unwind your family and you not only thanks to its wide range of beaches, but also with its lovely views to the Ionian Sea. It’s adjacent to the bigger and more well-known isle of Kalamos and you can reach it by taking the boat from Mytikas on the mainland. The trip lasts approximately 40 minutes and most available rooms on the island cost from 45 to 55 euros per night. There are some lavish villas for rent, but don’t bother. You can enjoy both great sea water and the scenery just by walking or hiking around the island. I would highly recommend visiting the upper part of it as it’s even more fascinating when you admire the port and the yachts from above!