10 Surprisingly effective points to Choose the Best Mini Projector When You Travel


It has become a fashionable trend for young people to carry portable miniature projectors for work, entertainment, and parties. In order to choose a stylish and practical portable micro projector, requires an understanding of the projector. Take Meigao G3 excellent mini portable micro projector as an example. Ten points should be paid attention to when choosing a portable micro projector. Here are the points as followed: 

 1. Compact size 

As the name suggests, the portable projector is to be carried with you, and it needs to be small in size. The phone projector’s are specially designed to fit into the pocket of a man’s jacket. For example, the Migao G3 excellent portable mini projector has a volume of 145*75*28 and a weight of only 228 grams, which can fit well in the jacket pocket. This is the number one reason why portable projectors are so popular. The compact size allows you to carry it anywhere with ease. 

2. Independent Internet access

Business applications of portable micro projectors sometimes need to share network through cloud information; entertainment needs to go online to watch movies. Hence, independent internet access is critical. For example, the Migao G3 excellent portable micro projector has a built-in Android 4.4 system that can independently make use of the Internet.

3. Built-in battery

The portable overhead projector can be carried along with you anywhere. What happens when the battery runs out? No worries. These portable projectors come with a built-in battery. For example, the Migao G3 excellent mini pocket projector or iPad projector has a built-in high-energy battery that does not need to be connected to the power source, and it can be turned on when it is turned on and used.

4. Mobile phone charging

The portable micro projector makes it convenient to charge mobile phones as well. This feature comes really handy when your phone is running out of charge and you want to make an important call. Rumeigao G3 is the world’s first miniature projector with a USB interface that can charge mobile phones. It is quite innovative and practical.

5. Off-axis design

The neat projector design of the micro-projector is formed above the plane where the projector is placed. When using it, no bracket is required. When choosing a wireless projector, you must select a micro-projector with off-axis design and use without a bracket. This eliminated the need to carry a bracket. For example, Meigao G3 excellent micro projector adopts a 100% off-axis design and is a micro projector that can be used without a stand.

6. Practical brightness

The portable micro projector needs to be small in size, but it needs to reach a practical brightness of 200 lumens or more. This brightness can meet the business communication of about ten people and the indoor 100-inch video viewing. The light of about 300 lumens of Meigao G3 mini projector for phone is the highest brightness that a mini portable micro projector can achieve.

7. Multiple interfaces

This picture projector is a kind of multi-function micro projector that needs standard interfaces to be more convenient. For example, the Migao G3 excellent micro projector has standard interfaces such as VGA, HDMI, AV, AUDIO, which are suitable to connect to computers and other equipment. At the same time, it has a U port and TF card interface, directly reading USB and TF cards, which is very convenient to use.

8. Connect the mobile phone

These mini led projectors are used to wirelessly connect mobile phones. They are very popular for businesses, parties, and entertainment. The bluetooth projector must have the function of wirelessly connecting to the mobile phone. Meigao G3 Super Mini Projector is the world’s first mini projector that wirelessly connects to a mobile phone. The cube projector can display on the same screen as the mobile phone wirelessly, with perfect mirroring.

9. DLP technology

At present, mini beam projectors have DLP technology, LCOS technology, laser technology, and liquid crystal technology. Micro projector with mature technology and perfect image as DLP technology.

10. The system is maintenance-free

The nano projector from the Android system can install its program or surf the Internet independently, which may cause the wrong installation of the software or virus infection on the Internet. It is imperative to have a solution to this situation. The Migao G3 excellent micro projector is equipped with a software automatic recovery button. When there is a situation where the software is incorrectly installed or infected with a virus, the system will automatically restore to the factory settings. Simply press the restore system button to do this. The Migao G3 is the world’s first system Maintenance-free miniature projector.

The USB projector market has many varieties and dazzling options. Focus on the ten points mentioned here to get the best portable mini projector. This mini video projector is available in a wide variety of choices that you can choose from. Do your market research and list down the requirements you need in the projector. Once done, go through the options that are available and choose the most suitable ones for you. Purchasing a portable mini projector is definitely a great investment you can make that will last you long enough. We hope this list helps you pick out the most satisfactory product. Do let us know if this article was helpful to you.