Addmotor M-140 Folding E-bike: Your Perfect Travel Companion

Addmotor M-140 Folding E-bike: Your Perfect Travel Companion

E-bike has taken over the world by providing numerous benefits to riders. Many people are enjoying the benefits of e-bikes by having one at home, while some are planning to have one. But people usually struggle to store their e-bike due to limited space or to take along when traveling or shifting homes. But the automobile companies have put an end to the problem by manufacturing and selling folding electric bikes.

The folding electric bike is a lightweight and foldable e-bike that is equipped with an electric motor powered by a battery. Its foldable nature makes it compact and portable and can be stored anywhere in limited spaces. Due to the convenience, it provides to the riders, the popularity and demand of foldable e-bikes have increased two folds. Many brands have launched their version of folding electric bikes, but people want to find the best folding electric bike.

Addmotor launched their Foldtan M-140 folding e-bike, which became popular within no time due to its portable nature, affordability, and comfort it provides to the riders. It is one of the best-selling electric bike you’ll find in the market. So let’s see how the Foldtan M-140 folding e-bike can be your perfect travel companion.


  • 48V*750 Watt rear hub brushless motor
  • 20 Ah lithium-ion Samsung battery
  • 100+ miles per charge range
  • Aluminum alloy frame
  • 4-inch Kenda fat tires
  • Integrated head and tail lights
  • 5-inch multifunction LCD display
  • Tekro mechanical disc brake
  • Half twist throttle


Addmotor Foldtan M-140 Folding e-bike has a powerful 48V*750-watt rear hub electric motor. The rear-mounted electric motor allows the riders to shift the gears easily as it prevents the strain on the drive train, and hence the life of the components increases. The powerful 750-watt electric motor allows the riders to ride the e-bike on all kinds of terrains, even the most difficult ones. From sandy beaches, hills, and mountains to snow trails, you can ride your Addmotor Foldtan M-140 folding electric bike anywhere without compromising your comfort and safety  


The battery is the main component of an e-bike, as the range of an e-bike depends on it. The Addmotor Foldtan M-140 folding electric bike has a UL-certified high-capacity 20 Ah Samsung lithium-ion battery.

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The high-capacity battery provides a long range of 100+ miles per charge on PAS 1. You can travel anywhere on your m-140 foldable e-bike regardless of the distance from your daily commute to work or college, grocery shopping, or going for a mini vacation.

Foldable Frame

The Addmotor M-140 folding electric bike is known for its easy-to-fold frame design. Its foldable frame with collapsible top tube and pedals makes it compact and portable. The electric bike can be kept easily in the car trunk during traveling. The foldable nature of the e-bike makes it portable and a perfect travel companion, as you can take it anywhere during traveling. The M-140 foldable e-bike has a lower step-through frame design for the riders to mount and dismount the e-bike conveniently. Thanks to its sturdy and durable aluminum alloy frame, the M-140 folding electric bike can withstand the payload capacity of 280 lbs.

Rear Rack And Fenders

With the top quality components and updated features, the Addmotor M-140 folding electric bike also comes with a detachable rear rack and fenders, that provide additional benefits to the riders. The rear rack provides you enough space to carry cargo, you can travel with your kid by adding a seat post on the rack, or you can take your dog along with you everywhere. If you are worried that your outfit may get dirty due to mud or splashes of water during rain while riding your e-bike to work, then no need to worry as M-140 foldable e-bike has fenders that provide full coverage, keeping your clothes clean and dry.


The Addmotor M-140 folding electric bike has 20’’ x 4’’ Kenda fat tires. They have layers of inner tube protectors, anti-slip cover tires, and high-volume inner tubes. All these layers together provide a better rollover capability and a comfortable, smooth, and bump-free riding experience. The 4-inch fat tires of the M-140 e-bike, make it the best foldable e-bike for all kinds of terrains. The fat tires are durable, and they do not go flat easily.

Integrated Lighting System

Whether you are riding your e-bike during the day or at night, your safety is never compromised with the Addmotor Foldtan M-140 folding electric bike. It has an integrated head and taillights, which allows a safe nighttime riding experience.

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The lighting system is powered by the battery and controlled by the display, but the battery isn’t consumed much, instead, the LED lighting system of the Addmotor M-140 foldable e-bike saves 15% of the energy. The headlight provides a greater visible distance and brightness, allowing maximum protection and safety. The rear light has a brake light function, which is activated when you press the brakes of the e-bike.

How Foldtan M-140 Folding Electric Bike Can be Your Perfect Travel Companion?

So we have seen the specifications, foldable nature, and updated features of the M-140 foldable e-bike. Now here’s how it may help you in various walks of life.

1. Transportation

If you are a travel enthusiast and wish to take an e-bike along to ride around the vacation spot, then Addmotor M-140 folding electric bike is a must-have. You can easily keep it in your car trunk, aircraft overhead bins, or under the seat of a bus or train. Even if you frequently move places, and are a bit skeptical about buying an e-bike, then a foldable e-bike may clear all the second thoughts as you can take it along wherever you move.

2. Daily Commuting

Unfortunately, you won’t find bike racks everywhere, maybe your workspace won’t have one or the grocery store you go to daily. So if you are a daily commuter, an Addmotor M-140 foldable e-bike will add convenience to your life. You can fold and keep your e-bike under the desk at your workplace or anywhere in a narrow space at the grocery store or take it along.

3. Safe And Secure

You won’t have to worry anymore about your e-bike getting stolen anywhere you go. You can take your Addmotor M-140 folding electric bike along with you and keep a watchful eye as it would be present near you. You can enjoy a coffee with your friend with the peace of mind or do your work at the office with concentration without worrying about the e-bike parked outside.  

Folding electric bikes have solved all the problems of transportation and traveling with their portable and compact nature. With the Addmotor M-140 folding electric bike, you can enjoy all your trips and vacations, and with its quality, features, and components, it won’t disappoint in being a perfect travel partner.