3 Best Hotel Booking Sites for Your Next Stay


Hotels can get pricey, especially during the holiday season. The good news is that the resources available for you to book a cheap hotel room are far too many. This can be helpful and sometimes confusing too.

While you would want to research as many options as available, too many options can sometimes overwhelm you. This is when you should turn to a meta searching site to give you many options to choose from in one place.

Here are some of my favorite sites that have helped me book cheap hotel rooms even during peak seasons.

1. Booking.com

Booking.com is my personal favorite. I often find the prices of hotels to the lowest here with the option of booking and then paying at the reception rather than on the site. That feature makes it my favorite.

Booking.com provides a healthy mix of hotels, apartments, and hostels in the search results. If you are going in with the idea of finding out what type of accommodation fits your budget the best, then looking at all the options available makes it easier for you to determine what you want and what works the best for you.

Booking.com also displays all the costs upfront with details of all the perks and amenities included in a no-bullshit detail display. This makes it easier to compare hotel prices and the value you are getting for the price.

2. TripAdvisor

TripAdvisor is one of the popular hotel search engines to get some of the very best hotel deals from a range of sites. TripAdvisor shows you a list of the lowest prices and also where you can get them. It searches most of the major hotel booking sites as well as lesser-known ones including the hotel’s own official website.

It also shows you reviews from people who have stayed in the hotels. You get the chance to browse hotels with their prices displayed and reviews along with them to make the decision based on all the factors you can think of.

Even though TripAdvisor directs you to the site that is offering the cheap price, you can book directly through TripAdvisor as well, but the rates are provided by Booking.com.

3. Trivago

Who hasn’t seen the Trivago ad, it has become one of the most popular advertisements that people keep quoting. It has become such a huge meme that along with normal memes you will also find people quoting ‘Hotel? Trivago’ on YouTube videos.

Like TripAdvisor, Trivago too is a metasearch hotel booking site. It also includes quotes from a larger number of lesser-known sites including the major ones. The only thing to note is that their ‘best price’ feature isn’t exactly great because the cheapest price isn’t the one always highlighted.

You should make sure to scroll through the list and decide for yourself what the best price is. Trivago’s search engine is strong, bringing you deals from everywhere – even the lesser-known sites. This gives you an opportunity to choose the deal that works the best for you and to find places that you might not find on other sites easily.

Final Thoughts

There are a lot many sites available to compare prices. Google being the tried and tested for everyone. These are the ones that I often gravitate toward and have worked the best for me. Let me know what other sites have helped you find great deals.