Top 10 Fun-in-the-Sun Honeymoon Destinations for 2012

Sunny beaches, water sports, exotic places, candlelight dinners can all add up to make a wonderful honeymoon experience, the type of after-wedding getaway that will forever live in your memory and that will call you back once in a while, making you spend hours looking through the photos. While the best destinations for honeymoons are chosen based on individual preferences, budget and other social, economic and cultural backgrounds, the top fun in the sun honeymoon destinations we chose for 2012 appeal to all those looking for an exotic and warm climate to celebrate their marriage. These are the 2012 honeymoon hot spots where you can indulge in lazy sun-bathing, romantic experiences or an active couple vacation where water sports are the most popular activities.

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Hot weather, white beaches and clean blue water is to be find right here in Hawaii, which still remains one of the top honeymoons destination. The many islands of Hawaii have each their own attractions to offer aside from its beautiful beaches. The island of Kaua’i will be Hawaii’s 2012 top spot due to its striking coastline, crystal clear waterfalls and very scenic valleys.

hawaii Kaua'i

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The Pacific Ocean, the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean Sea surround Cancun, Mexico and make it so special, the one spot offering the very best of everything on that side of the Caribbean. Whether you want a lazy beach honeymoon, a historical escapade, exploring Mayan ruins, or any water activity, such diving, snorkeling or wind surfing, Cancun has it all.

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Saint Lucia

The island-country that is located in the east Caribbean near Barbados is a veritable nature park with its lush tropical rain forests and clear blue waters of the Caribbean Sea. Most tourists come here for either an exotic and romantic getaway, or a power vacation of scuba diving, snorkeling and sailing.

Saint Lucia sailing

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Barbados lies on the boundary of the South American and the Caribbean Plates. Along the island’s east coast, which faces the Atlantic Ocean, the tumbling waves are sought out by lovers of light surfing. If you choose Barbados for your honeymoon, pay attention as some areas are still dangerous and swimming is not recommended.


Shopping is fantastic as they have duty-free shops and it’s a top night life destination. Other attractions include wildlife reserves (Graeme Hall Nature Sanctuary), scuba diving, helicopter rides, golf, festivals (July and August).

Barabados scuba diving

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Saona Island, Dominican Republic

Saona Island is a very popular honeymoon destination because of its crystal clear lagoons, parks and wildlife habitat. The island is home to numerous luxury resorts that offer relaxing spa treatments for honeymooners. It is a top destination if what you want is for you and your new spouse to spoil and pamper yourselves.

Saona Island Shell

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Virgin Islands

The Virgin Islands are the border between the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean and it has earned the name of America’s Caribbean Paradise. Exotic, luxurious and romantic, they are a perfect spot to enjoy your 2012 honeymoon.

Virgin Islands Mountains

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Visited by more than 1.4 million people arriving by plane or cruising each year, Aruba has a wonderful cuisine and wonderful hotels. Art, night life, customs and local culture, beaches and water activities create a unique blend bound to fulfill all your dreams and desires.

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More than a million visitors a year visit Montego Bay, Negril, Ocho Rios, or travel to Kingston, the capital city, or explore the many diverse Jamaican destinations. Called Lover’s Leap, the Treasure Beach is one of the many pristine beaches on the southern coast of Jamaica. The sheer cliff, 1,000 feet above the sea, is very popular among hikers who love going up the rocky road and taking in the view of the nearby lighthouse. While breathtakingly beautiful, the cliff has its own sad story: in the 17th century two young slaves fell in love and asked the slave master for his permission to marry. The master denied their request and also threatened to going to separate them forever by selling the young girl off to another plantation. Unable to bear the thought of living without each other, they jumped from the cliff, thus making their love eternal.

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One of the most popular honeymoon places on Earth, the Seychelles are very close to Madagascar and Kenya. Explore the 29 coral islands in the Amirantes group, the local cuisine, the luxury hotel, the sandy beaches and crystal clear water, taking in the exotic touches of your honeymoon.

Seychelles islands

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The Caribbean sunshine, the pristine places, far away from daily routine make the island of Curacao a top honeymoon spot for 2012. Such a romantic getaway, allowing honeymooners to unravel its secrets, will make for an unforgettable experience for the newly weds.


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