How To Bring Feng Shui Into Your Lodge

How To Bring Feng Shui Into Your Lodge

One of the greatest perks of owning a holiday lodge is that you can experiment with the interior. You can bring the outside in, create your dream space, or even bring balance and harmony by incorporating the ancient Chinese practice – Of Feng Shui.

When you buy a holiday lodge with Away Resorts, the possibilities are endless, and you can truly have fun with your new home-away-from-home to bring yourself the epitome of luxury and make your holiday visions come true.

Join us as we explore exactly what Feng Shui is, how to bring it into your lodge, and why it could be the most beneficial way to design your holiday home.

Read on to find out more.

What is Feng Shui?

Despite having roots in Taoism and Buddhism, elements of Feng Shui can be found in every culture across time. Essentially, it teaches us how to create harmony with our environment; as in Chinese, “Feng” translates to wind and “Shui” to water. These elements are associated with good health and fortune.

Feng Shui is the idea that our surroundings affect the energy of our environment and utilizes something called a Bagua map to show the eight areas of Feng Shui in your environment. These eight areas are related to different elements of life – like family, wealth, and career.

How To Bring Feng Shui Into Your Lodge

These areas each correspond with shapes, colors, seasons, numbers, and earthly elements. The ninth area of the Bagua is you and your overall wellness.Striking a balance and effectively utilizing Feng Shui is said to bring the balance of nature inside your space – leveling out your chi using scientific calculations.

How do I create it?

To arrange, organize and effectively bring the benefits of Feng Shui into your lodge, you’ll want to first find what’s called the “commanding position.” This is the part of the room that’s furthest away from the door, but not opposite it, and is where you’d ideally want to spend most of your time.

Certain objects, such as your bed, stove, and desk, should be facing the door so that you can see them, but not be directly in line with it. Where this is not always possible, careful placement of mirrors can help.

How To Bring Feng Shui Into Your Lodge

There are five elements in Feng Shui – earth, metal, water, wood, and fire, and each of these should be kept in mind when choosing a color scheme. For example, if you’re lacking self-care and stability, yellows, oranges and browns should be used to incorporate the earth element. In turn, this will relate back to the Bagua map previously mentioned.

Finally, the doorways are important, so make sure you keep these clear of obstructions. The main door to each space is where all the energy enters and leaves – it is known as the “mouth of chi” and should be treated more like a portal to your life than just a doorway.

The benefits to your lodge

By simply altering how the energy flows around and through your lodge, you can organize, position, and pick materials and color schemes that can promote prosperity, harmony, success, and passion in your life.

It is a 4,000-year-old system designed to help you feel more positive and counteract negative energy so you can channel what you’re lacking or want out of life – the perfect way to personalize and make your holiday home the ultimate retreat.

Perhaps it’s subconscious efforts and the pure act of organizing that make you feel better, or these age-old strategies are seriously onto something. Either way, with your newfound knowledge, will you be incorporating Feng Shui into your new holiday lodge?