How long and wide was the Titanic? |

The Titanic was designed to be the largest and highest passenger liner ever built. It took 12 years of construction work on four separate ships before it could become part of the world’s first transatlantic voyage in 1912. The ship sank two days later, killing 1,517 people including fourteen hundred Americans who were celebrating their passage from England’s Southampton port aboard the RMS Olympic-the only survivor being captain Edward Smith himself

How long and wide was the Titanic? |

The “how tall was the titanic in meters” is a question that has been asked many times. The Titanic was 882.5 metres long and 92.4 metres wide, so it was about 1009 feet long and 174 feet wide.

The Titanic’s length is 882 feet 9 inches (269.1 metres). The ship’s breadth (‘beam’) at its widest point is 92 feet 6 inches (28.2 metres). Titanic’s height is 175 feet, measured from the top of the funnels to the keel, commonly known as the hull (53.3metres).

In a similar vein, what was the Titanic’s total length?


What was the Titanic’s size in comparison to today’s cruise ships? It’s a measurement without units that’s used to determine airport fees, safety restrictions, and other things. Today’s cruise ships have a far larger interior capacity than the Titanic, which had an internal volume of GRT: 46,328. The Symphony of the Seas is five times bigger than the Titanic, with a gross tonnage of 228,081.

Similarly, how many tons did the Titanic weigh?

52,310 tons

What was the Titanic’s length in yards?

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Tonnage Gross: GRT: 46,328
Displacement: 66,000 metric tons
Length: 882 feet 9 inches (269 m)
Beam: 92′ 6″”””””””””‘ (28 m)

Answers to Related Questions

Was the Britannic a larger ship than the Titanic?

HMHS Britannic is a British warship.

The biggest of the three liners was the Britannic. Her initial name was ‘Gigantic,’ but it was altered when it was determined that the name was too close to Titanic, which would have been a marketing disaster. During World War One, the Britannic was converted into a floating hospital.

Is the Titanic’s iceberg still present?

The International Ice Patrol has finally discovered the source of the iceberg that sunk the Titanic. The ice fjords on Greenland’s west coast account for 85% of all icebergs discovered in the North Atlantic, and the ice shelf near Ilulissat is the most probable origin of the Titaniciceberg.

On the Titanic, how many rooms were there?


What was the name of the Titanic’s captain?

Smith, Edward John

What was the weight of the Titanic’s anchor?

The distance between the keel and the tops of the funnels was 175 feet. The rudder was 78 feet tall, weighed 101 tons, and was made up of six different parts. The three anchors of the Titanic weighed a total of 31 tons. The Titanic was built with almost 3 million rivets.

What happened to the Titanic?

The Titanic sunk in the North Atlantic Ocean around 400 miles (640 kilometers) southeast of Newfoundland’s coast. The ship’s bow was discovered at 41°43’57″N, 49°56’49″W, while the stern was discovered at 41°43’35” N, 49°56’54″W.

Is the Megalodon the same size as the Titanic?

The whaleshark (about 12.65 meters, or close to 41.50 feet) was compared to the Megalodon, and the scientific community judged that Megalodon was bigger, based on both weight and length. Megalodon was also much larger than the great white shark, which was only about half the size of Megalodon.

Is Titanic based on a true tale about Jack and Rose?

Although the film is about Jack and Rose, many of the individuals they meet have wonderful tales to tell. You undoubtedly already knew that the primary protagonists in the 1997 film Titanic, Jack and Rose, were not genuine. The movie incorporated its own fictitious aspects to historical events, as do all films “based on genuine stories.”

Was the Titanic moving too quickly?

For others, Smith’s worst blunder was continuing to sail full speed ahead despite warnings about icebergs. “The main fact is that Titanic was moving considerably too quickly in a region known to have ice,” says Mark Nichol, webmaster for the Titanic and OtherWhite Star Ships website.

On the Titanic, how many bags of mail were there?

The whole cargo of the ship, including 3,423 bags of mail, was lost. Over 7 million pieces of mail were found in the mailbags, including an estimated 1.6 million registered letters and parcels.

What is the size of a modern cruise ship?

A comparison of figures:

  Allure Titanic
Crew 2,384 892
Length a height of 1,187 feet (almost a quarter mile) 882 ft
Above Sea Level Height 236 feet in length (higher than a 20-story building) 175 feet in length (including the long thing)
Weight 100,000 metric tons 52,310 metric tons

Who is the owner of the Titanic?

The owner of the RMS Titanic was an American! Despite the fact that the RMS Titanic was registered as a British ship, it was owned by JohnPierpont (J.P.) Morgan, an American businessman whose corporation was the governing trust and kept ownership of the White Star Line!

What is the Queen Mary’s size?

Queen Mary 2 was the world’s longest and biggest passenger ship at the time of her construction, with a length of 1,131.99 feet (345.03 meters) and a gross tonnage of 148,528 GT.

Carnival owns how many ships?

Carnival operates a total fleet of 104 ships under nine cruise line brands and one cruise experience brand.

What is the purpose of a cruise ship?

A cruise ship is a passenger ship used for pleasure journeys in which the voyage, the ship’s facilities, and occasionally the various locations along the route (i.e., ports of call) are all part of the passengers’ experience.

What is the size of the Disney Dream?

Design. With a gross tonnage of 129,690 GT, a length of 1,114.7 ft (339.8 m), and a width of 137 ft, Disney Dream is 40 percent bigger than the two previous ships in the Disney Cruise Line family, DisneyMagic and Disney Wonder (42m).

What caused the Britannic to sink?

She was jolted by an explosion triggered by a naval mine on the Greek island of Kea on November 21, 1916, and foundered 55 minutes later, killing 30 passengers. A total of 1,065 passengers were on board; 1,035 people were rescued from the ocean and lifeboats.