How far is Disneyland from the Staples Center? |

We got a question from our angel investor, who wanted to know how far the Disneyland is from LA’s Staples Center. We’re glad you asked! The answer is that it’s about 683 miles away.

Disneyland is located in Anaheim, California which is about an hour and a half drive from the Staples Center. The “disneyland tickets” are available for purchase on the Disneyland website.

How far is Disneyland from the Staples Center? |

26 miles

Then there’s the question of how far Disneyland is from Staples Center.

26 miles

Also, what is the best way to go from Disneyland to Universal Studios? Disneyland is around 35 miles away from Universal Studios. Allow at least one hour to drive or take a cab from Disneyland. Given Los Angeles traffic and negotiating your way to the theme park, the journey might take anywhere from 1 1/2 to 2 hours. The tour buses follow the same schedule.

Similarly, how far is Universal Studios from Staples Center?

8 miles

What is the best way to go from LAX to Disneyland?

Public transportation is available. From the lower level arrival area at LAX terminals to the Aviation/LAX Station, where you may board the Green Line to Norwalk Station, a free shuttle, Bus G, will carry you. You’ll next board Metro Bus 460, the Disneyland Express, which will transport you to the park’s entrance.

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What is the distance between the Staples Center and LAX Airport?

11 miles

What is the cost of an Uber ride from Disneyland to Universal Studios?

From Anaheim to Universal Studios, take an Uber or Lyft.

That works out at a little more than $12 per passenger each way, or $25 per person round trip if the vehicle is fully loaded. Uber and Lyft prices are determined by current demand, traffic, and your location.

What hotels provide a free Disneyland shuttle?

8 Disneyland Hotels with Free Shuttles or No Transportation Required

  • The Hyatt Regency Orange County is a luxury hotel in Orange County, California. is the source of this image.
  • The Anaheim Resort’s Sheraton Park Hotel
  • The Disney’s Paradise Pier Hotel is located on the Disney’s Paradise Pier.
  • The Disneyland Hotel is located in Anaheim, California.
  • Anaheim Desert Inn and Suites is a hotel in Anaheim, California.
  • The Candy Cane Inn is a great place to stay if you’re looking for
  • At Disneyland Park, stay at the Days Inn and Suites Anaheim.
  • Californian grandeur.

How much does it cost to go from Disneyland to Universal Studios in a taxi?

The fastest method to go from Disneyland to Universal Studios, Hollywood is to hire a cab, which will cost you between $170 and $210 and take 44 minutes.

Is there a difference between Universal Studios and Disneyland?

Both parks are found in the state of California. Although Disneyland has a bigger park with more attractions and rides, Universal Studios Hollywood is growing at a quicker rate.

How long do you need to spend in Disneyland?

For many individuals, two days at Disneyland is a fantastic choice. For starters, during peak season, a two-day Park Hopper ticket costs less than a one-day Park Hopper ticket. Second, you may purchase discounted flights with Get Away Today beginning with two days.

Is buying Universal Studios Hollywood tickets online or at the gate cheaper?

Yes, you may save money by purchasing your tickets in advance via our Online Ticket Store rather than at the gate. Please note that online discounts do not apply to ANYTIME ADMISSIONTM tickets or 1-Day General Admission tickets purchased on the same day.

Is there a bus service running between Disneyland and Universal Studios?

Whether you’re searching for a Disneyland shuttle or Universal Studios transportation, we’ve got you covered. Throughout the Los Angeles region, Xpress Shuttles may offer easy transportation to theme parks.

Is it possible to go to Disneyland via metro?

Anaheim Resort Transportation (ART) and Metrolink have partnered to provide a spectacular way to go to the Magic Kingdom. Passengers may get on the ART shuttle for free at the Metrolink ARTIC Station and spend the day at Disneyland, California Adventure, or Downtown Disney.

Apart from Disneyland, what else is there to do in Anaheim?

Forget about Mickey Mouse: Anaheim’s Other Attractions – Updated 2020

  • Facebook page for Angel Stadium.
  • The Flightdeck Flight Simulation Center is a place where you may practice flying. haylee hallpass.
  • The Honda Center is located in downtown Honolulu.
  • Yorba Regional Park is a park in Yorba Linda, California.
  • Anaheim Packing District is a neighborhood in Anaheim, California.
  • Sky Zone Trampoline Park is a trampoline park in the United States.
  • Concourse Bowling Center is a bowling alley in New York City.
  • Anaheim Ice is a team based in Anaheim, California.

What is the cost of the Disneyland Express?

The Disneyland Resort Express is not free, unlike at Walt Disney World. A round trip ticket from LAX to Orange County/John Wayne costs $48 for an adult and $35 for a child. With each paid adult, one youngster (under 11 years old) rides free. The cost of an additional kid round-trip travel to LAX is $36 and to Orange County/John Wayne is $26.

What is the cost of the Disneyland shuttle?

For just $15, our Disneyland Shuttle will pick you up at LAX and transport you to Disneyland, California Adventure, Downtown Disney, or any of the Disneyland Resort Hotels to begin your ideal trip.

How much does the LAX-Disneyland shuttle cost?

Shared shuttle van service from Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) costs roughly $45 per person one way and $90 per person roundtrip, with tip. Shared shuttle bus service from Orange County/John Wayne Airport (SNA) is roughly $20 per person one way/$40 per person roundtrip, with tip.

Which hotels provide Disneyland shuttle service?

Hotels that provide shuttle service to and from Disneyland help you to save parking expenses while also preserving your energy for your park activities.

  • The Hyatt Regency Orange County is a luxury hotel in Orange County, California.
  • Sheraton Anaheim is a hotel in Anaheim, California.
  • Candy Cane Inn is a hotel in the shape of a candy cane.
  • At Disneyland Park, stay at the Days Inn and Suites Anaheim.
  • Anaheim Resort Transit Hotels are located in Anaheim, California.

What is the distance between Disney and LAX?

30 miles

Is a shuttle service available from the airport to Disneyland?

A variety of shared-ride shuttles and limos are available to transport you straight to the Disneyland Resort. Although shuttles and taxicabs are accessible on the ground transportation island in front of Terminal A and Terminal B, it is recommended to plan your transportation ahead of time.

What is the distance between LAX and Anaheim?

29.30 kilometers