Fighter Plane Experience For Everyone

What Is It Like to Fly in a Fighter Plane?

I’m tightly strapped in. Imagine a fighter plane as an extension of your body, feeling every movement and vibration as if they were your own. As the plane accelerates, I’m thinking about the intensity of the G-forces that await me. What will it feel like? How will my stomach deal with it? Spoiler: Not very well.

The fighter plane is now quite fast. When reaching 95 knots, the pilot in front of me is gently pulling the stick. The nose is going higher and higher, and just below 120 knots (220 km/h) we are finally airborn. The landscape left and right is shooting by. But the thrill of speed is just the beginning. I’m surprised by the light rolling left to right. It is indeed a bit shaky at the beginning compared to the big airliner I’m used to. But that’s only right after take-off. Next come the stunts and spins in the air, that will make me realize how different this is from flying in a commercial plane.

Fighter Pilot for a Day

Flying in a fighter jet is not for the weak-hearted. But it is surprisingly something now anyone can try. Breaking the sound barrier is a rare achievement that only a few adrenaline seekers can cross off their bucket list. Yes, fighter plane experiences are nowadays possible for civilians, thanks to MiGFlug. This Swiss company specializes in fighter jet flights. They basically let anyone who wants to become a fighter pilot for a day. Well, if you have the money to do it, of course. Generally, guests have about three hours to unleash their inner-Maverick from the briefing, to the flight systems- and safety training, to the flight itself. Aviation enthusiasts can choose from a variety of fighter jets, locations and programs. For example, a 45-minute Top Gun Flight Adventure in an L-39 in California. Or a 30-minute flight in a historic Vampire fighter-bomber in Switzerland. One thing is common in all the packages: guests are guaranteed to feel the kind of G-force that only experienced fighter jet pilots and astronauts face.

The Incredible Story of How MiGFlug Was Created

There was a time when only fighter pilots who went through rigorous training could fly a fighter jet. The sensation of pulling a high G-force, although exhilarating, is not for everyone. The story of how MiGFlug came to be is a big coincidence with a touch of luck. One night in a Moscow bar, the co-founders of the company – two Swiss students – met a Russian military pilot. Half-jokingly, they asked him if he could take them on a fighter jet flight. The next day, when sober again, the pilot wasn’t so excited any longer. The Swiss students were stubborn. And that paid off. A few days later, they were smuggled into a Russian Air Force training base, where the pilot took them on an Aero L-39 Albatros flight. After overcoming the complex Russian military system, they managed to make this experience available to anyone who wanted to dare. Just like that. Can you believe this story? I mean, this is what everyone is kind of secretly dreaming of, knowing it will never happen, isn’t it?

And Now it Gets Intense

Meanwhile, you have had the first light G-Forces and even negative G-Forces behind you. The real thrill starts now. The pilot keeps pulling and pulling and lets you know that you are now at 5.5g. If, you can feel that. Next is a loop with 6g. Fine at the beginning. But then your vision gets odd. Like a dark wall closing in left and right. Further and further. Wow, that’s intense. Really intense now. Finally, it gets dark dark. You hear the pilots voice “Hey Dave, are you with me? All good?” Have I just been taking a nap for a second? Anyway, I’m back now. What follows is Immelman, Rolls, Split-S, you name it. It is so much fun! Now the pilot says “your control” and I’m actually handed over the stick of the fully dual control jet. Even though we have discussed this during the briefing, I’m a bit overwhelmed when the moment really comes. But then I’m surprised how easy it is to control. Being so powerful, there is nothing like stalling. The jet just does whatever you tell him to do, as simple as that. After some soft curves the pilot encourages me to actually doing some aerobatics. Now this comes a bit unexpected. I did not think that I’ll be able to also do all the crazy stuff! But so I start under his explanations with some rolls. Then I do a steep dive. Hell, that’s fun! Now, my looping. Thinking I can make the pilot suffer this time along. I’m pulling the stick as much as I can, breathing heavily. Well, long story short, didn’t work out as planned. Now my belly goes: Alright dude, my shift is over. I fly straight now, taking long, deep breath, trying to calm down. Cold sweat on my forehead. No, I don’t have to. Yes you do. No. Yes. Grabbing the bag that is ready for that. Well, I’ll stop here. I can assure you, dear reader, I’ll certainly not forget this day anytime soon!

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