Choosing Your Destination with Activity in Mind


When traveling, it’s common to hear the same destinations suggested again and again. That’s not to say that these are inherently negative choices, but the broad generalization can sometimes neglect what makes these appealing destinations. It’s about what you want to get out of your travel, and tailoring your destination to that intention can lead you to ideas that might make for better suggestions.

Of course, the opposite can also be true – when you want to travel purely for the love of travel, in which case, new destinations that are novel and have a lot to offer can be all you need to be interested in them as candidates.

Time Away

As simple as it can be, a trip that focuses on simply getting you away from the stresses of your everyday life can often be the most effective. With this framing, your destination doesn’t have to be anywhere too far, and this can also be a move that saves you some money as well.


At a glance, that might not sound like the most exciting premise for a trip, but it’s a direction that can have you discovering areas much closer to where you live – helping you to gain a deeper understanding and appreciation for your surrounding area. Somewhere reclusive, like a cabin in the woods, might be what you need to reconnect with nature and take your mind off of whatever is causing you stress on a regular basis.

How Far to Take a Theme

You might be familiar with destinations like Las Vegas or Atlantic City that are popular due to their focus on gambling. This might be the kind of trip that you and your friends had in mind, but it’s worth being aware of all of your options – as you don’t necessarily have to make the entire trip revolve around one single activity. Through your phone, you can access a myriad of games available through your high roller casino of choice, and that can be a good enough way to spend downtime on your holiday that you might want to make the trip itself more varied. Of course, the counterargument here is the experiential difference between online casinos and physical ones, but casinos don’t have to be something that you omit entirely. However, you might want to avoid getting to a point where all novelty is removed from the situation.

On the Move

For some people and some types of trips, it’s not so much about staying in one location but about exploring a vast stretch of land. These types of holidays might be longer and might have you seeing multiple cities or areas within one or more countries. In theory, this should allow you to pick anywhere. However, there are many questions here that can influence the direction of your travel.


For example, is the public transport available robust enough to accommodate all of your travel, or are you going to need a car of your own? If the latter, are you going to rent or buy? Furthermore, how pedestrian-friendly are the cities? If the answer is ‘not at all,’ then you might need to lean on a vehicle that you hadn’t intended to use at all.