Best Places to Visit during the Summer

Best place to visit

Every season has its stereotyped activities including summer. Summer is mostly full of lazing around, vacation, retreats, recreation and for some, internships and training’s. Let’s focus on vacations though. It’s getting hotter and we need to loosen up and relax. Many places around the world actually help you do that.


The small beautiful and natural landscape is said to be best enjoyed during May. This month is also known for the annual Monaco Grand Prix. It has a wonderful coastline and into the sea, you will find the locals diving in. Up at its hills, summer calls for wild honey and ready to be harvested berries. Monte Carlo has the popular garden, Exotic Garden which is at its best during the summer.


Considered the less pricier way to tour Europe, this place is a famous pilgrimage route to St. James’ shrine at Santiago de Compostela. You will definitely find all sorts of company here, in the summer


This northern German city is also known as “The Gateway to the World” and is a global trading port. What you must visit this place for is its concerts as this place is constructing the next greatest and very exciting concert venue for music in the world. Elbphilharmonie is the venue which is glass covered and wave-shaped and is situated on the river banks of River Elbe. It contains three concert halls, 45 apartments, a 360 degree view public deck and a 4.5 star hotel.


Supposedly, the ‘Venice of China’, this famous metropolis is known for its luxury dining. It’s amazing to visit in the summer because of its subtropical monsoon climate always in between cold and hot weather. You must go on trips to Suzhou during the day which has the most wonderful canals. You must also check out Pierre Gagnaire’s boat-shaped bar which is found inside the popular Capella Shanghai which also has Middle House and Bulgari.


Time to get some sea exposure. Snorkeling in this island has always been recommended. The beach is a welcoming relaxing area. You can also try bottarga which is a recipe for salted and dried fish roe. When you are not at the beach, you can visualize Sardinia’s other side which is filled with rich history. Its history reads out invasions and cultural exchange. For example, the Bronze Age items or structures, nuraghi came to notice 20 years back after which this place was announced to be a UNESCO World Heritage Site. History and beach combined, you must go on a trip here with company some time in your life.

There are several other places you can visit. India, with its Western Ghats, Shimla, Jammu and Kashmir, Eastern India, Himalayas, etc. must be explored as they have diverse cultural, flora, fauna and natural heritage.

All in all, spend your summer someplace else. Learn a thing about your fellow inmates of the world. But as your priority, get out there and relax!