5 Places to tick off your Bucket List in 2019

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If you are stuck in a rut about deciding where to go for your vacations in 2019, this article will hopefully help you resolve those dilemmas as it narrows down on some of the most exquisitely unique and beautiful places in the entire world.

Here are 5 places to tick off your Bucket List in 2019. With aktualne bonusy bez depozytu, there’s never been a better time to travel.

Relax in the Dead Sea when in Jordan

Ordering Jordan, the West Bank and Israel, the Dead Sea is a salt lake has hyper saline water, making it more dense than regular sea water, thereby it is perfectly ideal for you to relax as you float in it. Its banks are more than 400m below sea level. Take your camera with you for there’s nothing more Instagrammable than you effortlessly floating in the Dead Sea’s marvelous blue waters. You can also apply the mud on your skin as it is known to have remedial qualities, treating conditions like back pain and psoriasis.

Dive into the Red Sea when  in Egypt

Located between Africa and Asia, the Red Sea is a seawater inlet of the Indian Ocean. It hosts some of the most gorgeous sights as it is home to beautiful species of fishes, marvelous coral reefs and playful dolphins. Make sure you go snorkeling in its deep, blue waters. Visit Conrad Beach if you happen to be in the resort town of Sharm El Sheikh in Egypt. It’s a popular snorkeling point and offers splendid vistas of the horizon as you relax on the beach after snorkeling.

Visit the Salar de Uyuni salt flats in Bolivia

This vast expanse of the world’s largest salt flat is visible from Incahuasi Island. It was formed due to the drying up of a lake from prehistoric times, leaving behind 11,000 square kilometers of bright white salt that reflects the sky. This is what contributes to its otherworldly feel. It is inhabited by many pink flamingo’s, so make sure you click some exceptional photos. It’s the world’s foremost source of lithium. The gaseous volcanoes, hot springs and snowy mountains draw in more than 1,00,000 visitors every year.

Feel the rush in South Africa by jumping off the Garden Route

Garden Route, or the Bloukrans Bridge, is known as the highest commercial bungee jumping destination in the world. Several adrenaline junkies flock to this spot every year to feel the visceral rush of jumping off 216m above the Bloukrans river. The spot also offers marvelous, breathtaking views of South Africa’s natural landscapes. The length of the bridge is 451mand has a central span of 272m.

Explore the Northeast Greenland National Park

This national park is the largest national park and the largest protected land area in the entire world. It offers some of the most breathtaking natural landscapes of Greenland’s beauty and is home to a wide array of species. The fauna that inhabit this park include walruses, polar bears, collard lemming, harp seal, arctic fox, musk oxen, Beluga and narwhal whale, gyrfalcon, raven, barnacle goose. If you have an inclination towards wildlife photography, one could say this is a park tailor-made for your creative endeavors.

These are some of the most endearing places in the world with an almost otherworldly feel to them. There’s no doubt you will be making some peculiar and unforgettable memories if you do decide to explore any one of these places.