What cities are the same latitude as San Francisco? |

San Francisco has the same latitude as a number of cities in California. Some notable cities include San Jose, Los Angeles and Sacramento.

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What cities are the same latitude as San Francisco? |

Beijing is around the same latitude as San Francisco, while Tokyo is about the same latitude as Los Angeles.

Which cities have the same latitude here?

At the same latitude as North Africa, Los Angeles, San Diego, Phoenix, and Houston are all located. Reykjavik is farther south than Anchorage.

Similarly, what is comparable to New York in terms of latitude? New York is exactly the same latitude as Naples. Science does not have a conclusive explanation, however it is a fact that the Eastern coast of the Northern Hemisphere is COLDER than the Western. Consider the cities on the US Western coast compared to those on the Eastern coast at the same latitude.

What cities, on the other hand, have the same leeway as New York?

Madrid is on par with New York in terms of latitude. Algiers is replaced by Las Vegas. As Chicago creeps on the Tiber’s banks, the Eternal City has become the Windy City. Edmonton, the capital of the Canadian province of Alberta, is revealed to be Dublin.

On the 40th parallel, what cities are there?

The cities of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and Columbus, Ohio, as well as the northern suburbs of Indianapolis, Indiana, and Denver, Colorado, are all located along the parallel 40° north.

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At 45 degrees latitude, where are the cities?

The 45th parallel runs north of Barrie, Ontario, indicating that the Toronto Metropolitan Area and Western Ontario are to the south. St. John, New Brunswick is to the north, while Halifax, Nova Scotia is to the south. All western cities, including Montreal and Ottawa, are north of 45 degrees.

At 32 degrees latitude, where are the cities?

  • Line of longitude.
  • Dallas is a city in Texas.
  • Macon is a city in the state of Georgia.
  • Libyan capital, Tripoli.
  • Charleston is a city in the state of South Carolina.

What cities are located at a latitude of 30 degrees?

Technically, the 30th parallel north only runs through:

  • (29o45′) – Houston, Texas The metro region, which is America’s fifth largest, has a population of 6.3 million people.
  • Egypt’s capital and biggest city is Cairo (30o3′).
  • Shiraz, Iran (29o37′) is one of Iran’s most populous cities, with a population of 1.5 million people.
  • Multan is a city in Pakistan.

Is it New York or London that is further north?

London is farther north than anyplace in the continental United States of America, and further north than the majority of Canada’s population; the only sites in the United States of America that are as far north as London are in Alaska (admittedly a long way south of most of Alaska). Summers in New York are only slightly warmer than those in London, but winters are somewhat colder.

What is the length of a degree of latitude?

68.703 kilometers

At 42 degrees latitude, where are the cities?

United States of America

  • Crescent City is a city in the state of California.
  • Yreka, California is a town in the state of California.
  • Hartford is a city in Connecticut.
  • Ames is a city in Iowa.
  • Chicago is located in the state of Illinois.
  • Kalamazoo is a city in the state of Michigan.
  • Coldwater is a town in the state of Michigan.
  • Erie, Pennsylvania is a city in Pennsylvania.

What city has a latitude of 30 degrees north and a longitude of 31 degrees east?


What cities have the same amount of leeway as Paris?

No American city has the same freedom as Paris. Looking at a globe, Paris is nearly the same latitude as the northernmost point of Newfoundland, Canada. The Arctic Circle is just a short distance from Paris. In the winter, this means it’s dark in Paris!

What city in the United States has the same latitude as Lisbon?

You’re roughly the same latitude (a measurement of how far north or south you are from the Equator) as sunny Madrid if you’re in New York. Washington is comparable to Lisbon, Portugal.

Is it true that London is colder than New York?

New York is generally colder in the winter than London, but London has considerably stronger winds, so the’real feel’ temperature is often identical. Summer in London is unquestionably the more pleasant of the two cities.

Is it true that Rome is farther north than New York?

Rome is located to the north of New York City. The latitude of New York City is nearly the same as that of Naples, Italy. Italy is around the same size as Arizona.

What other city has the same amount of leeway as Chicago?


What is the difference between latitude and longitude?

Longitude vs. Latitude The latitude indicates how far north or south a place is from the equator. The longitude indicates the distance east or west from the Prime Meridian, an imaginary line linking the North and South Poles.

What is the Parisian leeway?

2.3522° E, 48.8566° N

Edinburgh or Copenhagen, which is farther north?

Glasgow and Edinburgh are farther north than Malmo or Copenhagen. Scotland shares the demographic and historical core of Scandinavia’s latitudes. Helsinki is just roughly 200 kilometers north of Scotland.

What American city has the same freedom as Amsterdam?

London (51°30′N) is north of Calgary (51°03′N), while Amsterdam, Berlin, and Dublin are even farther north. Montreal is located to the south of Paris. Phoenix is located near Carthage, which was a Phoenician city-state in ancient times.

Is Scotland closer to the Arctic Circle than Alaska?

Scotland’s northernmost point is farther north than Alaska’s southernmost point.