British Travelers Opt for Adventure on Easter Holidays

If you put the Royal Wedding and Easter together, then add extra bank holidays, you get a quite lengthy Easter break that British travelers are most surely going to take advantage of. According to a recent travel industry survey conducted by, not only will million of Britons travel in this period, they will also choose more adventurous travel picks, allowing them to explore destinations they have never seen before.

Of the 3,000 British holiday makers surveyed by, 28% said they will pick a new destination, one they haven’t traveled to before, showing an increase in daring holiday plans for 2011.

“The news that British travellers are becoming braver in their holiday choices is really a very positive one, as it shows that consumers are more willing to try something different this year due to the extra time off that they will have,” said Luke Nathan of “What’s also interesting is that the poll also said that many travel companies are reporting that bookings to certain holiday destinations, have increased by as much as 180% compared to 2010.”

While the spirit of adventure is driving more Brits to unusual and new vacation choices, a big chunk of the polled tourists are still very conscious of current economic circumstances. 47% of the surveyed Britons said they were paying a lot of attention on how much they spend on their holiday. As a result, only 18% were planning to book their Easter vacation through traditional high-street travel agents, while 55% were determined to search for the best deals and biggest discounts before booking, most of them turning to the Internet for inspiration.

In what types of holidays are concerned, found that British travelers were interested in all-inclusive package deals, with Egypt being one of the top destinations for their Easter break.

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