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All tourists really want is a relaxing holiday

28 February 2011 | Views: Thrilling adventures, extreme sports, museum and culture center trip filled learning experiences, touring various countries ... read more

iXiGO, iPhone and Android app to book the best travel deals

28 February 2011 | Views: iXiGO is an extremely handy Android and iPhone app that helps you search for and ... read more

India Sets Higher Taxes for Air Travel and Hotel Bookings – Should you worry?

28 February 2011 | Views: Here’s a piece of news that should not worry us too much! Reuters has just ... read more

FAA: Airline Travel Will Double in the Next 20 Years

26 February 2011 | Views: Air travel is expected to double in the next 20 years, as more people either ... read more

Canadians prefer to travel abroad, increase travel deficit

25 February 2011 | Views: A country’s failure to convince its citizens not to go abroad for their vacation and ... read more

New Start-up Shows Room Views to Help Choose the Perfect Hotel

25 February 2011 | Views: Probably one of the best features of online booking is the possibility choose from you ... read more

Travel Boom Leads to Plan for 45 New Airports in China

24 February 2011 | Views: Booming travel has proven impossible to handle for existing Chinese airports. That is why China ... read more