Most Dog Owners Would Travel More If They Had Trusted Pet Care

roverlogoPeople love to travel, and according to’s pet summer travel survey 75% of people will travel this summer, while 70% would travel more often if they had a trusted source of dog care. Dog owners are sensitive when it comes to care provided for their loved pets, and 80% of them worry about how their dog is cared for when they are on vacation. In fact, 15% of people are not satisfied with their current dog boarding arrangement.

“As much as dog owners would like to, sometimes it’s simply not practical, nor cost effective, to travel with our dogs,” said CEO Aaron Easterly. “We created to provide dog owners with an alternative boarding solution for their dogs. Dog owners who come to our website can easily find pre-screened, trusted dog sitters close to home, thus allowing them to enjoy their vacation with the knowledge that their dog is in qualified and caring hands.”

I’ve been in both situation when it comes to traveling and taking care for my dog. I had to go in various places and leave my beautiful Maxie somewhere, and I also had a family vacation with my husband and her.



It is really important to be certain that your pet is well taking care of and I must admit I consider myself lucky because each time I traveled I managed to find a friend who would take Maxie into his house and take care of her. Also, when we took her with us in our vacation we made sure we were going to a hotel that allowed pets and we were extra careful not to leave her in the car too much in those places that didn’t accept dogs (a salt mine for instance). It all went perfect each time, but that’s due to careful planning and loving friends.

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