Dubai Adrenaline Pumping Activities You Probably Didn’t Know About

Always a popular travel destination, Dubai is famous for its luxury, cultural immersion, and the many ways you can spoil and pamper yourself. While indoor slopes and racy water slides and all the tours most Dubai hotels can help you book are not that big of a secret, there are many more activities that would thrill all adventure seekers. Prepare to be initiated in this heart jumping, stomach in knots guide to Dubai that will take you beyond ski jets and helicopter rides.

Palm Jumeirah

Photo by Geoffrey Ball via

Skydiving, but which kind?

We all know how skydiving works. You jump on a plane; it takes you high in the sky, then you jump and hope for the best. The thrill of seeing the earth fast approaching and then being yanked and slowed down by your parachute opening is quite the adventure.  So get ready to free fall from about 4000 meters, and then buckle in for a decent that takes about one hour and regales you with breathtaking views of the Palm Jumeirah island.

Not that big on the whole plane jumping thing? Don’t fret, there’s iFly for you! That’s right, you can try the famous “indoor skydiving.” It’s not as scary as the real deal, see your life flash before your eyes experience, but it can be quite thrilling for beginners while providing the perfect learning place before you graduate to jumping from high up in the skies.

Bungee Jumping – Look, no parachute!

Nothing mimics a long, scary free-fall like bungee jumping. One cord keeping you from smashing into a million pieces is the one thing guaranteed to get your blood pumping fast. You only jump from a 50 meters high, but the speed is so much more than when skydiving, so adrenaline junkies just love it. New to the Middle East, bungee jumping is most popular in Dubai, and you can even enjoy the backdrop of Burj Khalifa.

Forget the dolphins, I want to swim with the sharks!

Watching the protagonists of Jaws, Deep Blue Sea, and Shark Week are terrifying when they are meters away from you, even if there’s thick aquarium glass keeping them at bay. Imagine how much more intense the experience to put on your diving suit and tank and jump in their midst. How do 400 sharks and rays as swimming buddies sound like? All you have to do is to go to the Aquaventure Water Park, or, in true Dubai spirit, go to the mall. The Dubai Mall Aquarium to be exact.

Fast and Furious in Dubai

If speed is your guilty pleasure, then nothing will ever compare to a real race car that you get to drive on a real race track. Just you behind the wheel, gaining speed lap after lap at the Dubai Autodrome in Motor City. You don’t need any racing experience; you just have to have had your valid driving license for more than twelve months.

If you’re feeling extremely courageous, you can even try your hand at driving a Formula 1 car at the Ferrari World, but that would require a quick trip to Abu Dhabi.

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