Places to go in Israel

Sea of Galilee

Israel is the perfect blend of the diversity and the peacefulness. It has beaches, landscaped hotel, diversified cities, amazing food, breathtaking nightlife and a lot more. Once you go to Israel you lose yourself in the natural beauty of it. From hiking mountains to the Dead Sea, you would find everything in the country to calm your nerves. Though it was really hard to make a decision as the country is full of monuments and tourist places, here we have summed up some top places to go in Israel.

  • Acre

Situated in the north Israel, Acre is diversified by its history. Whoever ruled the city has left its mark on the same. Whether the Ottoman Empire or the Crusaders, you would find the history of the country buried in the soil of this city. Take a walk through the markets of the city or just enjoy strolling through the ruins.

  • Nazareth

Nazareth is known to be the holy place for the Christians. Here you will get the real feel of the Middle-East. The city tells you a lot about the history of Israel alike Acre.

  • Sea of Galilee

The Sea of Galilee is the only freshwater lake in the country. Enjoy the scenic view of the Sea of Galilee along with the great rafting experience. Lose yourself in the calmness near the shore. There is a scenic view here during the time of the sunset. The sky goes red and the sea too.

  • Golan Heights

Golan Heights is a place to go if you want to take a great hiking experience.  The high mountains have the hiking levels of all types. The Hermon Mountains in the Golan Heights is the wonderful destination for the skiers. As during the time of the spring, the destination covers with the blooming flowers.

  • Haifa

The place of the Bahai Garden, take a walk around the beaches of the Haifa. The beautiful ports of the city are full of the scenic natural beauties.

  • Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv is the place which will show you the civic life of the country. The city is full of the nightlife, makers, beaches, diversified society and the calendar is full of the events at Tel Aviv. Take a walk in the city and enjoy the open-minded conversation with the people or a freedom walk.

  • Dead Sea

On the lowest point of the Earth, feel yourself in the air by floating on the sea. The Earth here provides you the buoyancy with full power. You cannot drown in the Dead Sea as it is the saltiest lake of the world. Ein Gedi and Masada are the beautiful sights near the Dead Sea that surely deserves your visit.

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