3 Travel Products to Ensure Your Luggage Safety


Traveling with all your expensive gadgets like your laptop, camera, phone, etc. can be stressful when it comes to taking care of them. You are worried when you have to stow your luggage away. How do you protect your items when you are not with them?

Packing them as safely as possible is important to keep them safe from the bumps and scratches of traveling. Next comes protecting them from being stolen and being lost. This is what worries us. You can take simple measures to ensure your luggage safety. Here are three of the basic things that you should purchase to keep your suitcases protected and in your range at all times.

1. Luggage Locks

Luggage locks are the most basic of your security necessities. You should always have a lock on your luggage so that someone doesn’t just open it and look around. It also makes you feel safe when you have to leave your luggage someplace.

Put on the lock even if you are leaving your luggage at the reception or in the hotel room. Having a lock on your luggage is also crucial during public transportation – flights, trains, and even buses.

Carry an extra combination lock so that if you find a locker or someplace to put your stuff on hold while you are doing touristy things, you can lock the place and have some peace of mind about your things.

2. Luggage Tracker

While locking your luggage is the first step toward safety, you do need to take other measures, especially if you have valuables packed away. A lock will stop people from looking into your suitcases, but it won’t stop them from stealing it.

The tracker won’t either, but at least you will be able to find it. Luggage trackers are affordable and allow you to keep track of your suitcases at all times via your phone. You can also have trackers on your keys and wallets, as they are the most common things people lose or get stolen.

3. Beach Safe

Going to the beach is one of my pleasures. I love spending time on the beach – lying down and enjoying the sun on my skin and the sound of waves crashing. It is blissful. 

That being said, having to be mindful of all the stuff you carry can put a dampener to a happy and peaceful time. Some beach destinations, especially popular tourist ones, aren’t safe to leave your valuables unsupervised on the sand. You can get a beach safe to put your things in, and relax. It can have a tracker too.

Final Thoughts

Safety is important for you to be able to relax on your holiday. Luggage safety is one of our biggest concerns. We can’t be babysitting all our valuables all the time, that just takes away from the fun of being on vacation. Invest in tech-advanced and straightforward gadgets to protect your luggage and have some peace of mind.