Weekend Getaways from Mumbai: Escapes for Every Traveler


Routines are good because they help us stay productive. But when we do something, again and again, we stop finding life interesting. The weekend is a time when you can break free from the routine and travel. You can find your creative and reflective side while sitting near the sea or in a beautiful cafe in a new city.

Thanks to the well-connected Mumbai airports, you don’t have to limit your weekend escapades to nearby locations. With careful planning, you can also visit popular destinations in other states for the weekend.

Here are four unique destinations where you can spend your weekend.


Imagine glancing at the beautiful sea from a unique cliff beach, learning to surf, playing water sports, and then spending the day exploring a tiny coastal town by bike. If that sounds like a dream come true, you must visit Varakala.

Varkala is a beautiful little region in Trivandrum, Kerala. It’s famous for being a vibrant, youthful, and colorful beach destination. The place has unique beaches unlike anywhere else. Varkala has a serene cliff beach and also a black sand beach. You can also enjoy the mesmerizing experience of kayaking through a mangrove forest at Monroe Islands, near Varkala. You can rent a scooter and visit the Jatayu Earth Centre.

One can travel to Varkala from Trivandrum by bus, train, or car. There are many flights from Mumbai to Trivandrum. You can also find budget-friendly stay options like hostels and homestays.

Gir National Park

Have you ever experienced staying in the middle of a jungle? At Gir, you can witness how wild animals live life. You can also take your kids there to give them a unique experience. Gir National Park is the only place in our country where you can see lions. The sanctuary had been created to ensure that the lion population never goes extinct. If you have a lucky strike beyond the tiger, you can spot leopards as well. Interestingly, one will not only come across lions and leopards at a glance but also crocodiles, wild boars, blackbucks, and porcupines as you proceed through the forest.

Gir is around 174 km away from Rajkot airport. Arrive there on Saturday morning and spend two days in the serenity of the forest. You can take a Rajkot to Mumbai flight and reach back to Mumbai in just one hour. There are several resorts around the park where you can stay during your weekend.


Many people lovingly say that Coorg is the Scotland of India. You can visit the place to taste delicious coffee and buy high-quality black pepper. Once you arrive, you will be surrounded by dense coffee farms and lush flora. You can visit the beautiful waterfall Abbey Falls, pray at the gorgeous Tibetian Golden Temple, and explore the Nagarhole National Park. You can also take a boat ride to a nearby elephant camp.


You can reach Coorg by taking a flight to Bangalore or Mangalore. You can hire a taxi or take a bus from these cities and reach Coorg in a few hours. For your local sightseeing, you can hire a scooter and roam on the small roads surrounded by lush green forests.


Are you a fan of the bustling city life? Fly to Raipur, Chhattisgarh, and explore a new way of living. Raipur is the largest city in the state. It is a clean and vibrant city that is bustling and known to be the commercial hub of Chhattisgarh. One of the main tourist attractions of the city is the Ambuja City Center. This shopping hotspot has a unique modern architecture and hosts plenty of stores where you can enjoy shopping. You can visit the Dudhadhari Math temple, a monument decorated with stories from Ramayana.

You can take a weekend trip from Raipur because it has an airport, and Raipur to Mumbai flights take just about an hour and a half.

Summing Up

Is the usual daily routine becoming tedious for you? Why don’t you get out of your comfort zone and have a taste of something outdoorsy, visiting different places without staying home or strolling to the same restaurants?


Instead of sitting in a crowded movie theatre or window shop around the mall, let fresh air on a beach or the smell of a forest do the trick. The bustle of a new city may help you rejuvenate a little.