Must Do in Washington: Cruise on the Potomac

Cruises down the river! You have to love them, unless you tend to get sea sick. But on a slow moving boat cruise with nice food and music, with the right company, it can be awesome for everyone. And if you think Potomac, Washington DC, sunset, you have the perfect setting for a beautiful evening adventure.

Potomac river cruise

From what I could see, there are quite a few boats to choose from. From water taxis that you can use to also hope on and off and visit some of the monuments to luxurious boat cruises to offer you an unforgettable high class experience.

Potomac Sunset Cruise

Whatever you choose, keep your eyes open, your camera ready and at the same time try not to miss any interesting conversation. It’s not that difficult, as a cruise can last about 2 hours, so there’s plenty of time for everything.

Sunset on Potomac

Relax, on the deck I recommend, keep the camera close by and wait for the sunset twilight. Then start taking photos of what you see. If it’s not cloudy, you’ll get a spectacular view!

Potomac River by Night

While the darkness takes over, you’ll see the lights reflected in the water and sparkling on the river side. You’re also probably close to getting back and I know you’ll have a certain feeling, the “it’s over much too soon” feeling. If you get the chance, just take the cruise again on your next trip. I doubt you’ll easily get bored of it 🙂

Potomac River Sunset

5 Comment to “Must Do in Washington: Cruise on the Potomac”

  1. RPO says:

    That is beautiful. I much rather cruise that then stand in front of the White House

  2. Jenny says:

    I love the pictures, is the cruise seasonal though?

  3. Hi RPO, it is indeed beautiful, but I think if you see a certain city, you should visit everything, then get your own opinion on what to do on your next trip. I had little time in DC because of a really busy conference and I regret not being able to stand in front of the White House 🙂

    Welcome to Travel Tweaks, Jenny!
    I’ve been there in May, and it was fascinating. The seasonal thing must be checked, but I still think you’re safe at least April through October 🙂

  4. Ann Smith says:

    I actually found this site by accident. I was searching for cruise from Baltimore and this one showed up. Very nice pictures though!


    Ann Smiths last blog post..There’s Never Been A Better Time To Cruise Alaska

  5. tgotch64 says:

    The way you captured the clouds in the first two pictures looks awesome.

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