Visiting Norway’s Fjords

Norway’s landscape is known as one of the most striking in the world. The sharp crags of mountains rise up into the Arctic horizon only to drop off suddenly into dark blue water. It is indeed a ruggedly beautiful place.

Fjords Of Norway

But one of the main draws for visitors is Norway’s fjords. These long, narrow breaks in the coastline are framed by steep cliffs with the mountains behind. They are the relics of glacial activity that created Norway’s incredible geography.

Aside from the stunning scenery, the fjords are a fantastic place to explore, either by hiking, kayaking, or other ways of experiencing the outdoors. Let’s take a closer look at the Norwegian fjords.

What are the fjords?

Norway’s fjords represent a major part of the country’s coastline, creating a unique vista between the land and sea. While there are fjords all over the coastline, the best ones are generally along the southwestern coastline, from Stavanger to Trondheim. While there are thousands of different fjords, some notable ones include the Geiranger Fjord, Lysefjord, and the Sognefjord, which is the largest fjord in Norway.


To get there, you can fly or take a bus from Oslo to Bergen, Stavanger or Trondheim. Alternatively, Norway is serviced by a very efficient system of roads, so you can also hire a car and drive yourself.

What to do there

Because the trademark feature of fjords is mountains, there are often superb hiking and mountaineering opportunities nearby. Trails are usually well-marked, or you can hire a guide to take you and your party along the designated route. Specialised activities, such as rock-climbing, paragliding, and ice-climbing may also be available.

Additionally, you can take a ferry or a cruise through the fjord to see the rock formations at ground level. Or, if you’re feeling adventurous, take a kayak to get there on your own steam. Kayaking is also a good idea for those who want to take pictures of the scenery because you can go at your own pace and stop whenever you want a photo.


What to pack

Ready to go yet? Before you book that weekend getaway to Norway’s fjords, make sure you’re prepared! Because of Norway’s location in the far north, you can definitely expect harsh winters (although the summers are sunny and pleasant). If you choose to go in the winter, remember to take plenty of warm clothing. Warm coats, jumpers, hats and mittens are a good idea. This is also a great time to show off a designer scarf. You can buy fashionable scarves online before you depart so you won’t have to buy pricey ones when you start your trip.

Once you have your stylish warm clothing, get ready for the adventure of a lifetime, exploring Norway’s beautiful landscape!

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  1. Love this part of the world. Can’t wait to go back!!

  2. Norway sure has some of the most beautiful views. Love the photos!

  3. Can’t wait to go for the first time 🙂 I think it makes a perfect summer destination 🙂

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