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All my friends know I’m a fan! I preach about it quite a lot. And although I put my love affair to test every chance I get by comparing destinations and prices, is always my number one. I’ve booked hotels in Istanbul, Trier, Oludeniz, and the Golden Sands through them and they never disappointed me. So I decided I could whole heartedly recommend them.

That is why, soon after starting my very own travel blog, I also applied for their affiliate program and got in! So you’ll see a whole lot of them in my links and banners. But no matter how big of a fan I am, I promise to keep checking up on them and make sure you get access to the best offers out there.

And to prove I’m not kidding about being their hard core fan, here’s a photo I just had to take last summer in Amsterdam featuring my visit to…their headquarters (or one of he buildings they have offices in). I never went in. Will do so next time. Headquarters

In case you were wondering, all the reviews I write are for hotels I’ve been to and I’d like to keep it that way. Writing about hotels one has never set foot into seems a little weird to me.

  • Keep mixing the travel spell recipes!
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